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8 May 2016  Posted in Mind & Body

If you have difficult relationships with others, there are many ways to solve.

If you are eager to engage in a loving relationship with someone who does not like you or like you slightly, there is no way to make it happen.

Loving relationships are initially built by Karma.

Then one has to keep building a strong loving relationship because what one has done afterwards does affect the quality of the loving relationship.

When a couple engage in the relationship, they may not love each other 100%.

That is the same for a married couple too.

For example, a husband loves his wife 70% and the wife loves her husband 80%.

This number is changing from time to time too for some people but it is not for all people.

Couples who deeply in love with one another usually have the highest % which is 100 % loving one another.


Whatever the number of % is, they engage in the relationship not only because of how much they love one another.

It is also because the subtle force of Karma which most people cannot see.

If there is nothing to keep both of you being together, please let it go.

In this situation, one can try to improve the relationship by different means. 

However, the relationship will not be as close as a loving relationship at the end.


There are others sources explaining why people engage in loving relationships and then get married:

n   They comes to pay karmic debts which may either be good or bad ones.

n   They became couples because it is decided by god or divines.

n   They fall in love because of law of abundance – when it is the right time to love, you will meet a right person.


There are a few guys who are explaining how to work out in loving relationships in the internet.

There is one guy who applies some spiritual laws, some laws of universe and other theories of how to be successful when talking about loving relationships.

I just highlight 2 points and explain….


Love yourself:

It is about how to turn every aspect of your life into an abundant one.

It is about your passion in your life, satisfaction from achievementsin career, etc..

Generally speaking, if you know what you want, you know how to love yourself.

According to the information from internet, girls who know what they want are attractive for guys.



Our mind manifests our world. If we think of anything in a positive way, positive events will happen.

Negative attitudes, words and thoughts are infectious.  It means if the listeners have low will power, they will be affected by you and become negative.

If the listeners are positive and have high will power, they will not change and may choose to leave the negative speakers.   The negative speakers attract others who have negative attitude too.  

Based on the information from internet, girls who are happy and have no complaints are attractive for guys.


Practising spiritual laws will change yourselves into likable ones if you understand and adhere to spiritual laws.

Those people are easier to attract others and make more friends.

They may have sound friendships with others too.

That is what I have experienced - After practising spiritual laws and other truths, numbers of people who disliked me in my workplace had been reduced greatly.

However, Karma is always the essential factor whether people will be in love and get married or not.


When you are in love, I hope you will not get hurt.

When you love someone whom does not love you, it is better to let go. 

Let go is another way to love someone too.


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