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18 Jan 2016  Posted in Mind and Body 

My friend felt his energy body was very dirty and asked me for help.

I scanned his energy body and found out that his heart chakra was blocked by the energy which was dark in colour.

The diameter of his heart chakra was therefore enlarged and as long as 2 meters – the original diameter of his chakra was 40 cm long.

He really needed to expel the energy as soon as possible.

I proposed to go to visit Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre because


1)     It is a place of full of sacred energy.

2)     It has a Silent Room (in Chinese, it is called 靜室) under the Christ Temple where it can extract and inject energy.

3)     My friend believes in Jesus.


It had a light shower on that day but finally my friend has decided to drive me there and visited the centre.

I did not visit this place before but I was recommended to go there.

I was told it was a place where it was full of sacred energy.

Then, I watched the photos and videos of Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre.

Based on photos and videos, it had emanated sacred energy.

To get accurate information, I was interested in visiting the Centre to find out more.


When we arrived the main entrance of Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre, I felt Golden aura emanated from the Centre.

Golden aura over there was soft and comfortable.

After entering the Centre, my heart chakra was warming up – this is a sign of a place emanating sacred energy.

We walked around the Centre and at the end we entered the Silent Room (see photo below).

Let me give a drawing of the floor Plan of the Silent Room (see Floor Plan below) for understanding the design of the Silent Room.

It consisted of one corridor, one confessional room and one praying room.

Both confessional room and praying room did not have doors.

If I have not mistaken, there was no electrical lighting inside the Silent room.

Only the praying room had a glazed window so the only source of light came from the glazed window.

Therefore, it was very dark in the confessional room and the corridor.

The light came from the entrance of Silent Room so the confessional room was totally dark.


Entering this Silent Room is really similar to the journey of a spiritual life.

When entering the entrance of the Silent Room, the corridor was getting dark……

– the dark corridor is really similar to the beginning of a spiritual life.  Before the beginning of a spiritual life, there may be unfortunate events such as severe sickness, death of loved ones, loss of family or career lives, etc.  Darkness and those unfortunate events were similar.


Then, on the left hand of the corridor, there was a confessional room.  The entrance of the confessional room was about 40 cm width so I had to squat down and lean to one side to pass through the entrance of the confessional room……

– It is human nature that it is very difficult to be humble and to confess.  Confession requires someone to be adjustable and humble.  Usually, there was no light in one’s mind so one could not understand their mistakes which are similar to someone staying in a dark confessional room.  If one is humble, one is willing to review and confess which is similar to entering the confessional room.  Through the process of confession, one realized one’s mistakes and practiced to improve one’s mind.


Getting out the confessional room, one would turn left, walked straight and entered the praying room on the left hand side.

In the praying room, one would see light from a glazed window, a cross and a statue of Jesus on the cross on a windowsill…..

– When one sees Jesus, one starts seeing the truths and the light.   If one understands the truths, one will find the way out and go back home which is similar to getting out of the praying room and leaving the silent room.


What happened when my friend was entering the Silent Room?

I asked him to stay inside the confessional room and I stayed outside the confessional room to scan his heart chakra.

In about 2 minutes, the energy which blocked his heart chakra was draining out of his energy body.

That was wonderful - I was planning to use essential oils to remove the energy if the confessional room did not work so efficient as to expel all the “dark” energy out of his heart chakra.  When it worked out, there was no need to use essential oils.

Then, he entered the praying room and observed the things in the praying room.

It was my turn to visit the confessional room for minutes.

When I entered the praying room, he sat down and meditated.

I got my singing bowl in my hand and played the Om sound to enable his mind to focus.

10 minutes later, he opened his eyes.  I asked “What is your feeling now?”

And he answered “I wanted to cry.”  I replied “it is the sign you are connected with sacred energy. If you want to cry, go ahead and don’t hold.”

At that moment, in my mind, there was picture - a golden aura lit up in his mind.


In fact, in the praying room, golden aura (sacred energy) was ascending from the ceiling to the ground.

If one is mindfulness in the room, one will realize that the sacred energy was flowing into one’s body and lighting up one’s mind.

That is verified when my friend’s mind was lit up by sacred energy and he felt he wanted to cry.

It is also because the unwanted energy in his heart charka was removed.


He felt he woke up and full of energy at that moment.

Afterwards, the “dark” energy was flooding out of his heart chakra again and the golden aura in his heart chakra had gone.

Therefore, I asked him to go to Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre constantly when he felt he needs to go.

I also suggested him to observe his mind and behaviour to spot the cause of the “dark” energy in order to remove the cause from the root.

I guessed the “dark” energy has been accumulated in his body for a long time so it takes time to cleanse.

The ultimate solution is to refine his mind to cease the negative thoughts so that the “dark” energy will not be accumulated in future.

Joining the activities such as praying and meditations organized by Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre will also help him to refine his mind too.


Spiritual life is a life-time journey.  

In this journey, there are things to learn, experience and overcome. 

Purifying the mind and the energy body are things one will do during this journey.

When one has found the purpose of life, one will try to live the spiritual life with good deeds and kindness.

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