Life Is Like A Maze                      

12 Oct 2014  Posted in Mind and Body 

Life is like a maze.

We are looking for the directions of careers, relationships and life.

Some may get lose in their life.

Some always look for a direction only if they have troubles in their relationships and businesses.

Astrology and fortune telling, to certain extent, will give you some hints about your life.


A natal chart can express one’s personality accurately.

It can even project the purpose of your life.

Chinese astrology will give you some guidelines about your strength and weakness in every aspect of your life.

It also describes your past events too.


Astrology and fortune telling will give accurate information only if

n   Your time and the date of birth are accurate.

n   The calculation is correct.

n   Your personality has not been changed tremendously


Otherwise, astrology will be unable to present the correct picture of your life.

Life is impermanent and constant change.

Now, one may be laughing. Few minutes later, the same person may feel sad after talking to friends.

When your personality has been changed, your life will be transformed too.

You are walking away from the destined path of your life.

In this case, astrology cannot help.


I had got the outline of my life from a fortune teller of Chinese Astrology.

It stated my past events correctly.

However, it did not underscore the change of my life happening recently.

After doing spiritual practices and learning spirituality, I have more guidance.

The Divine answers my questions in my daily life through books and tv shows, etc.

Sometimes, I heard a voice in my mind telling me things I must learn.

Although I still doubt about my life like most people do, I have less time feeling hesitation.

Eventually, I start understanding life and how the universe works.

I become a sort of a fortune teller who has not learnt the skills from teachers formally – see Fortune Telling By Yourself.

For a period of time, I gave my advice to my friends who hesitated as per their requests.

Some may start rely on me when they have questions because it is easy to find an answer by asking me.

Walking out of the maze of your life needs your effort to transform yourself and work against your habits.

That is tough to change a habit and a mindset for some people because Manas of our subconscious mind strongly attaches to messages delivered by our eyes, ears, noses, tongues, bodies and conscious mind.

We can realize this point through spiritual practices and eliminate our ego.

This is one of the methods to walk out of the maze without doubt.


The other way is to learn more truths about our life and the universe.

I was learning astrology and chakras through reading books and information.

I understand more about chakras after offering life consultation and healing.

Learning astrology and chakras may be unable to solve all problems and change my life.

They make me understand the formation of a blueprint for life and the way the universe works.

Learning the “rules” of the universe is one of the reasons keeping me learning spirituality.


When we know the rules of the game, we will discover how to beat the game.

Our personalities are designed and so does our life.

To certain extent, we can find out the blueprints for our life through projections.

That is why we still have astrology and fortune telling now.


Transforming ourselves through spiritual practices can help to find the exit of the maze in our life.

Changing our attitudes and personalities may be difficult for some people.

It is really worth to do it as we will arrive at the targeted destination.

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