Law Of Balance And Polarity

21 Feb 2016  Posted in Spirituality

Reading Law of Balance and Polarity in the book “A Little Light on the SPIRITUAL LAWS”, I am recalling my character traits in past.

Realizing character traits is the starting points of improving ourselves leading to improvement of our life.

Law of Balance and Polarity is about one improves oneself to grow by transforming from being swinging between polarity of personalities to balancing the personalities.


Law of Polarity

Polarity of personalities is describing the opposite characters, e.g. controlling and aloof, found on the same person.

One is sometimes controlling others but is being detached in other situations.

One’s personality is swinging between controlling and aloof from time to time.

For example, in past, I was extremely self-centered and did what I thought it was right – it is to show readers a bad example which readers shall not follow.

My ex-colleague asked me to buy tea for 3 ex-colleagues working in the same department when I had won a small prize (money) from a lucky draw in an annual dinner.

At that time I was green and innocent so I refused to use part of the prize to buy tea for them – it was the character of self centered.

I did not understand why I had to buy tea when I got the prize – Years later, I figured out that there was company culture to buy tea once someone won the prize of money in an annual dinner.

Therefore, I spent part of the prize on donation – it was the manifestation of generosity which is opposite to the character of self centered.

Through this experience, I had learnt the importance of being generous while I was a self centered. 

It was one of my lessons in my life to practise generosity as I might be self-centered in past lifetimes.

This is what Law of Polarity about.



Law of Balance


It took me 2 years transforming myself from a self centered person to an easy going person.

Transformation of the character trait was caused by learning and living in other country which culture was different from mine.

This was the time I had balanced my personalities.

Then, there was 6 years struggling in some difficult relationships in a company – read the story about me.

It encouraged me to balance my personalities by learning and practising the presuppositions of NLP.

Then, it took me 1 year to improve myself further by totally accepting others to be themselves.

[Note: before that, I accepted others to be themselves but I still expected some spiritual friends to carry out all good deeds.]

Once my personalities are balanced, my life has started improving.

This Law of Balance is so powerful that I have got assistance from different sources to further improving myself and grow.


How to apply Law of Balance in our lives?


Everything happens based on the Law of Cause and Effect.

Firstly, learn to distinguish Principle and Subsidiary Causes of events in our lives.

Secondly, figure out everything is constantly changed.

Thirdly, practise to show your kindness in any situation.  What is it about?....


Some love their partners by asking them to stay together all the time.

Some love their partners by allowing them not seeing one another for a period of time to do what they like.

Stay together and not seeing one another are two opposite actions but they are two different kinds of love.

The former is to love one by being together and the latter one is to love one by allowing one to do his or her favourite things alone.

These are how people show their love to their partners.

To balance our lives, we show our love and kindness in everything whatever it is good or bad.

If lovers split up and one insists to leave, the other partner can choose to save the relationship or to let it go.

To show one’s love and kindness, he or she can let it go willingly for love. 

To give up on love willingly is also a kind of love too – Love of making a sacrifice for the others.


If that is quite far from who you are, lives can be balanced by another method.


Don’t be too happy when everything goes smoothly.

Don’t be too sad when obstacles occur frequently.


Try to practise these two principles as much as possible when things go well or go out of your expectations.

Meanwhile, keep observing Principle and Subsidiary Causes of events in our lives.

This will eventually help you to balance your lives.

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