Law Of Resistance

28 Mar 2016  Posted in Spirituality

What you resist persists in life.

This is the basic definition of Law of Resistance.


In past, I resisted to be a leader at school but I was still asked to do it.

It was the event that I still remember now when I am recalling.

When I was a student in a secondary school, I won in running and swimming competitions.

As I was an active sport participant, I was selected to be a leader of one of the sport club in my school.

I was appointed by a group of people I did not know and appointed without my consent.

I was not good at organizing and leading at that time so I resisted and was absent in any activities of sport team.

I quitted the job of the leader but I was still asked to be the assistant of the leader.

Being the assistant of the leader, I still had got duties to run the sport team.

I left all the tasks of the sport team behind which made one of the senior schoolmate angry.

Therefore, she slapped my face in a swimming competition.

I did not say a word as I was not good at communicating with others.

Luckily, I did not scold at her.  If I had done so, she would have been angrier which will create bad karma.

Then, it would have been my fault too.


After working in a few companies, I wanted to be happy.

I read a book called “NLP – Knowledge of Happy And Successful Life”

The first thing I have learnt from the book was changing the words of my speeches from negative to positive.

It explained the reason of omitting words such as “Not”, “Don’t” in speeches.

When I say “I won’t be sick” to myself, the message my sub-conscious mind has received is, “Sick”, only.

Therefore, my body will unconsciously follow and become sick if I am less confident.

Sub-conscious mind cannot identify the meaning of Not or Don’t.

NLP does teach the Law of Resistance and explain it clearly too.

My life has been changed after practising the Law of Resistance.

There is something more that we do beyond the Law of Resistance.


After learning spirituality and teachings of spiritual masters, I try avoid saying “No” or “Don’t” to others too.

Every word we say will have positive or negative impact on others if they are less confident.

I try to change the words and say something encouraging if I want to express something which is negative.

We can go further when practicing this principle.

We shall only speak the truth at the right time only if he or she is willing to listen.


Recently, I invited a friend for a lunch.

My friend would sit down for a drink and had no time for a lunch.

As I really sincerely gave my friend for a treat, I had offered to buy my friend a lunch for taking away.

At the end, my friend organized the schedule secretly and stayed long enough to have a lunch although my friend did not eat.

I am improving myself to eliminate the thoughts of resistance.

Sometimes, I still meet resistance from others and things happen which is out of expectation.  

The best solution is sincerity and love.

If you are honest and try your best, he or she will know and be moved.

Afterwards, try to work harder to eliminate resistance in your mind.

It will likely be the sign that you still need to improve further by eliminating much more resistance in your mind.

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