Law Of Vibration

3 Mar 2016  Posted in Spirituality, I-Ching

There are two sides of vibration – high and low vibration.

Fear is low vibration and love is high vibration.

Spiritual person has a unique kind of vibration.

Successful person has a unique kind of vibration.

One’s vibration is likely transmuted by other types of vibration.

That is Law of Vibration.


One of my cousins got along with some riches to learn to be wealthy.

One of my friends liked to mingle with successful people feeling energized when meeting them.

Approaching and staying with spiritual masters who are stillness make one more likely understanding the status of stillness mind.


I have personal experience of changing my vibration but it was a bad example which everyone shall not follow.

In 2012, for a period of time, I could see spiritual orbs by my eyes.

Sometime, I could see spirits which looked like a transparent human walking around me for a few second.

When I was learning energy, I tried to “touch” different types of orbs.

For a year, this turned down my vibration especially when I was sick occasionally.

Afterwards, I was told my aura was light grey in colour once.

Luckily, my mind was calm at that moment so it did not influence my life so much.


One day, I met a person who taught me chanting the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

Then, I kept chanting it more than hundred times every day.

Therefore, my aura was cleansed and my face glowed that my ex colleague asked “What have you done to make yourself glowing?”

The first change after chanting the mantra was that eczema has gone.

I was totally recovered from eczema since I kept chanting the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

Moreover, I have not seen spirit orbs or any kind of orbs through my eyes.

As I know what it is about, I have not deliberately touched the orbs – in fact, deliberately touching orbs was a bad example which everyone shall not follow.


Chanting mantras and names of gods will increase our vibration.

I chant 2 mantras for 1.5 hours per day.

I discover that listening to prayers and mantras also help to maintain high vibration and keep my harmonic mind.

Therefore, I will listen to mantras and prayers for 1 hour or more when I am available to.



High Vibration can be represented by Hexagram One, Heaven.

High Vibration belongs to Yang Energy in I-Ching.

This Yang energy emanates from one’s heart to one’s aura.

Divines can inject golden aura into us turning our vibration up.

Hence, there are yang energy inside (our body) and outside (our body) like Hexagram One, Heaven.


Some activities will turn down our vibration….

l   Watching television.

l   Listening to rock songs.

l   Being attached to delicious food.

l   Mingling with people of low vibration – such as people who get angry or scary easily and frequently.

These affect our subconscious mind deeply which may be difficult to realise.

Should we avoid meeting people of low vibration all the time?

It depends on one’s mind.

If one’s mind is strong, then one will be wholesome whoever he or she meets.

If one’s mind is weak, then one may be easily influenced by people of low vibration.




The principle cause of raising vibration is….

Detachment of habitual thinking and behaviour can raise vibration.

Unconditional love can accelerate the change of everyone’s vibration.
If we show our mercy to others, our vibration and lives will be changed too.

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