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23 July 2014   Posted in Mind and Body 

This is Kundalini, Meditation and Spiritual Path – Part 2 of 2.  If you have missed Kundalini, Meditation and Spiritual Path – Part 1 of 2, please click  http://www.elatelife.com/Kundalini-Meditation-SpiritualPath1.html

My Experience with Kundalini

I learnt Qi Gong and Tai Chi years ago.  I knew nothing about Kundalini or spiritual practices at that moment.  I have practiced Qi Gong for a long period of time due to my personal health issue. 


One day, a new teammate joined the team I was working for.   Meanwhile, I got a strong urge to read books and materials about spirituality.  In past, I might read a book once a year.  During that period, I read more than 20 books in five months.  That was how I learnt spirituality and meditation from the West.  


The new teammate had issues related to her personal life and career life and I became the only one who always listened to her stories in order to release her stress and sadness.   One day, I felt extremely exhausted without spending much time on my jobs so I felt strange about this situation.   (A year later, I joined courses about energy and knew that “Energy flows from High to Low” so I figured out the reason of tiredness was listening to her issues about her jobs and life for a long time.)   


I still kept listening to her and was founding out the solution to energize myself.  I have known a kind of meditation from the West from a book and based on my feeling, I wanted to learn that mediation to stop this tiredness but the teachers of that meditation were unavailable in my hometown.  There was no way to learn that meditation in my hometown and I was busy working in the office so I did not apply for a long vacation to fly to other countries to learn the meditation.     Eventually, I felt I should do that meditation as soon as possible, therefore, I learnt and practiced that meditation by myself.  Surprisingly, it worked out very well. 


Due to such amazing benefits of feeling light-weight in mind and no tiredness, I kept doing that mediation.   It did not only activate 7 major chakras, but also drained all negative energy, which was black in colour, out of my body.   That might be how I cleaned the nadis of my body unexpectedly.


One night, I was working in the office typing words in front of my computer.   I felt the sensation of snake-like heat running from my genital area to my head.  There were three snake-like heat moving ups and downs in three nadis of my body.   I ignored this Kundalini rising in my body and kept working.  It lasted for 30 minutes and stopped.  In the next three nights, same situation happened again and it seemed three nadis were broaden afterwards.  Then, Kundalini rising was totally stopped.


That was a new experience so I read books and materials to learn more about it.  By that time, I firstly knew it was called Kundalini.   I also discovered this Kundalini would rise in my body again after reading a picture tailor-made for rising Kundalini and a specific series of I Ching Trigram figures. 


Afterwards, my career life, my circle of friends and my mind have changed dramatically in three years.  Intensive events pushed me to learn and review my life.  Events lead a new direction of my life and I have learnt so much about spirituality through events and friends.


It is important to have sufficient oxygen in the blood in order to rise Kundalini.  The methods to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood are doing sufficient exercise, eating food containing vitamin C and Supplement Iron.  Doing Yoga, Tai Chi with Qi Gong (or Qi Gong only) can also systematically train the body to inhale more oxygen and train your mind to control Chi or Prana in the body directly or indirectly.  


On top of that, the essential point of rising Kundalini are eliminating negative karma and negative energy through spiritual practices.  A calm mind is also favourable for rising Kundalini.


It is better to learn how to rise Kundalini from spiritual teachers because they are capable of telling you how to handle the effects which are subtle and invisible to most people before activating Kundalini.


If you have activated Kundalini accidentally like me and you have no spiritual teachers, believe that you can control this situation.  Kundalini will stop naturally.


Rising Kundalini shows that you reach a new stage of your spiritual path.  It is just a “side effect” on the way of your spiritual path.  When Kundalin have risen, it is important to think


Who are you?

What is your purpose of life?


Keep cleansing negative karma embedded in your body and doing spiritual practices to nurture your mindfulness and stillness mind can help you to overcome the process of rising Kundalini.

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