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18 July 2014   Posted in Mind and Body 

I am writing this article to briefly explain the nature of Kundalini, the prerequisites for rising Kundalini, things you need to know about Kundalini and my experience with Kundalini.  Practicing a specific type of meditation or a specific type of spiritual practices from different religions will increase the possibility of rising Kundalini. 


There is a relationship between Kundalini and spiritual path.  Rising Kundalini represents that you have reached the certain stage of your spiritual path.  Afterwards,  you may think about the purpose of your life.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a kind of energy, which is called prana or chi, internally rising from genital area to the head of a body.  This energy originated from the root chakra extending like a snake from the bottom to the top of middle, left and right nadis.

Prerequisites of Rising Kundalini

1. Sufficient Exercise and Eating Food with Vitamin C and Supplement Iron


In order to have sufficient oxygen in your blood, you need to do exercise constantly and eat food which contains vitamin C and Supplement Iron


Exercises such as running, jogging, swimming, increase the amount of oxygen inhaled into the body.  While we are exercising, the circulation of blood is accelerating.  Then our body learns to distribute more oxygen throughout our body causing our organs to increase the speed of metabolism.  Doing Qi Gong properly will also produce the same result.


Iron is an important supplement which helps the body to produce Hemoglobins carrying oxygen from the lungs to the peripheral tissues to maintain viability of cells.  Vitamin C enables the body to absorb and convert Supplement Iron.


Therefore, exercises train the body to be capable of delivering and consuming more oxygen while eating food containing vitamin C and Supplement Iron can finally energize the body meaning one has more Chi or Prana stored in the body.  This is the condition favourable for rising Kundalini.


On the contrary, eating too much frozen food and drinking too much cold drinks will slow down the circulation of blood.  These also accumulate much “cold” Chi in the body causing one to get sick if “cold” Chi cannot be emitted at once.  To keep high level of energy in the body and to keep the body healthy, those frozen food and cold drinks should be avoided.


2. Unblocking large and small meridians


Exercises keep arteries and arterioles unblocked and healthy while Qi Gong and Tai Chi maintain meridians unblocked and enable the body to deliver more energy throughout the whole body.


Meridians are pathways in the body which differ from arteries and arterioles.  Energy (Chi or Prana) flowing through meridians and Chakras distributes energy into the whole body.  Practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi also accelerate the distribution and the accumulation of energy in the body.


3. Qi and Breathing Control


Doing Yoga with Yogic breathing and doing Tai Chi together with Qi Gong (or doing Qi Gong alone) train the mind to indirectly or directly move Chi or Prana around all meridians.  These two kinds of exercises not only enable our body to consume more energy but also train our mind to concentrate on one activity – moving Chi or Prana and to achieve the mindfulness / stillness mind.    


4. Unblocking middle, left and right nadis


Everyone are mostly born with negative karma [The definition of Karma: The act of doing something is called a deed.  The result of that deed is a Karma]. Through spiritual practices, negative karma or negative energy accumulated in left, right and middle nadis are purified.  Chanting mantras or scriptures and some specific types of meditations can cleanse the nadis too.  Once nadis are unblocked, Kundalini likely rises.


Eliminating negative karma and negative energy through spiritual practices are the most important prerequisite for rising Kundalini because inner purification and spiritual practices help to reach the mindfulness / stillness mind.  With the mindfulness / stillness mind, you will be more courageous to get over obstacles during the process of rising Kundalini and overcome hindrances in your life

Thing You Need to Know About Kundalini

Kundalini may raise unexpectedly anytime.  When it rises, one just let Kundalini move.  Meanwhile,


believing you can control the situation .

Kundalini will stop automatically.  Kundalini may rise repeatedly at a specific time for several days but it will totally stop eventually.


When you are a beginner, it is better to rise Kundalini guided by experienced spiritual teachers who can cleanse negative karma or negative energy in your three nadis and tackle the subtle effects come from another world.   They will tell you what to do when you encounter any issues which are ”invisible” to most people.

Kundalini and Spiritual Path

If Kundalini has risen in your body, it means you will be moving to another stage of your spiritual path.  For example, you may suddenly be able to heal others using subtle energy or you may be more able to see or feel things from another world.  Reading spiritual books, videos or information will help you adapt to successive changes.  If the changes were dramatic, you would have to find your spiritual teachers and learn more from them.


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