Karma - Part Two

08 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

Bad Karma creates troubles in one’s life.

To improve relationships with others, can we eliminate Bad Karma?


I have got two answers from two different sources.

Source ONE

Let’s assume Bad Karma formed between Mr. A and Mr. B.


Karma works mutually.

Mr. A has done something wrong to Mr. B so two forces of Karma are formed.

One starts from Mr. A to Mr. B.

The other starts from Mr. B to Mr. A.


If Mr. A has done something to eliminate Bad Karma between Mr. B and him,…..

the force comes from Mr. A can be eliminated whereas…

the force comes from Mr. B may be reduced but cannot be eliminated.

For the latter situation, it really depends on the capability of Mr. A. 

(Mr. A will experience the consequences of his actions but they may be less severe.)



Source TWO

Let’s assume again Bad Karma formed between Mr. A and Mr. B.


There are 3 conditions which enable Mr. A being isolated himself from Bad Karma formed with Mr. B.


Mr. A is helping other people unconditionally – this empowers Mr. A spiritually.

Mr. A has accumulated merits by doing many good deeds – helping people in need by donation, voluntary works, etc..

Mr. A has a purified and peaceful mind.


(Mr. A will experience the consequence of his actions.)


We can reduce the “Gravity” of Bad Karmic but consequences of our actions are unavoidable.

We have to be responsible for our actions

This is one of the Laws of Universe – The Law of Cause and Effect.



How can Bad Karma be reduced?


When we face bad Karma and experience the consequence, we shall have a right mindset of accepting, repenting & confessing and blessing.




We live in now and accept our life – not live in past and future.

We believe in Action & Consequences (The Law of Cause and Effect).


Repenting and Confessing


Repenting means confessing the mistakes and feeling sorry for having made these mistakes.

Karmic debts have been accumulated through many past lives

We will experience consequences for the actions we took in one of our past lives or actions we have taken now.

Repenting and recognizing the mistakes now and in past lives help to lessen Bad Karma.




If an apology is not accepted, Bad Karma can be dissolved through blessings.

Giving best wishes and things start recovering.

We can invoke the blessings of god upon someone whom does not forgive you.


The best way to eliminate Bad Karma between someone and you is apologizing face to face.

If your apology is not accepted, you can invoke the blessings of god upon him or her every day.

God’s Blessings can be very powerful.


I was working with an ex-colleague who was mad at me for years (see my story).

In 2013, I invoked the blessings of god upon my ex-colleague every morning.

I hope god supports her so that she would get over her sadness caused by a miserable relationship and live happily.

Afterwards, she had been changed. 

She had not said ironic words to me which she was used to do that to me in past.

Once, I had a chance to apologize to her and she did not response to my apology.

Therefore, I kept invoking God’s blessings upon her and our relationship was peaceful.



Someone has done something bad to another person even though someone is well treated.

This situation will properly be caused by Bad Karma accumulated from past lives.


I have a friend who has the mixture of Good and Bad Karma between her and me mentioned in Karma – Part One.

She introduced me some good books and information.

I treat her with respect and have not given her troubles.

When she had questions, I answered her and helped her every time.

However, sometimes, she asked me to do things regardless of my feeling.

Sometimes, it caused me troubles when I was helping her.

I hope to keep a positive and happy friendship with her so I was checking how to eliminate Bad Karma to create a sound friendship.


I have learnt the following method.

To eliminate Bad Karma between her and me, I repented and admitted for mistakes I did on her in this life and in my past lives sincerely.

Then I recited the following Sutra and sent the merits to her a few times.


The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra

- The Universal Door of Guanshiyin Bodhissattva.

Last week, we gathered with 2 friends to do a spiritual practice with a group of people.

When we finished the spiritual practice, we discussed to choose a place to sit down and chat.

She did not put me into a difficult situation when deciding where to go.

(I felt grateful for this because I was in difficult situations caused by her requests sometimes.)

Afterwards, she said that she felt happy to join the spiritual practice on that day.

It was the first time for me to hear her expressing her happiness on something.



In different religions, chanting mantras, scriptures, prayers, etc., will help to reduce Bad Karma.

As everyone has different conditions, you choose the religions and the methods which you feel right.

Therefore, it is very important to verify the methods we use to reduce Bad Karma.

We keenly observe the situations before and after applying the methods to see the effectiveness.

This helps us to choose the right methods and tools to reduce Bad Karma.

When our mind is truly accepting, repenting and blessing, any methods which reduce Bad Karma will become more powerful.

The mindset of being positive and acceptance really help us get over Bad Karma.

One day, you will understand there is nothing called good or bad.

The adjective namely Good and Bad are created because of the relative value in one’s mind.


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