Karma - Part One

05 Aug 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

I had a friend whom I felt I knew her for a long time when I met her for the first time.

I had this feeling when I did not know what Karma was.

Last year, a similar situation happened again.

This time, I felt myself craving for talking to a stranger in a class.

We became friends and chatted constantly.

One day, we were sitting on a bus.

Suddenly, I saw a blink of white light in my mind knowing that I had a good relationship with this “stranger” in one of my past lives.

This was the moment making me understand the definition of Karma.


Karma and Gravity

Karma is a kind of “Gravity” created by our behaviour which is either good deed or bad deed.

When there are enough conditions, two people will meet at the right time.

This force of Gravity cannot be seen by eyes.

If a person has a peaceful mind, he or she can identify this force feeling being pulled.


Because of “Gravity” of Karma, the relationships of couples, parents and children, friends are formed.

This is very obvious especially in the relationships of couples.

One of my cousins had a lot of experiences with girls and relationships.

Years ago, he married one girl and has stopped seeing or communicating with other girls.

All his good friends could not believe that he would get married.

I asked my cousin “Why do you marry this girl?”

He said “I do not know.  I am just afraid of losing her.”

That is a manifestation of Karma.


Karma is one of Laws of the Universe.

It is how our world works.

We can verify this law through our life and observing the events happened in the world.


Type of Karma


When we associate with different people, a person will be treated differently through interaction.

Observing events happened during interaction, different types of Karma can be defined such as:


All Good Karma

All Bad Karma

Mixture of Good and Bad Karma


If you have Good Karma with a friend, he or she will help you or do something to benefit you.

If you have Bad Karma with a friend, he or she will harm you or do something to cause you troubles.

If you have Good Karma and Bad Karma with a friend, he or she will help and harm you.


I was told that in most cases, a person has mixture of Good and Bad Karma with another person.

I have recalled the relationships which I have with my friends to verify this point.

I have found out that one of my friends has Good Karma and Bad Karma with me.

My friend introduced me some books which make me learn a lot and asked me for help causing me into troubles.

I asked myself a question “Can I transmute Bad Karma between my friend and I?”

I accept what has happened on me and I hope my relationship with her is always good so I learn how to do it……

To be Continue in Karma – Part Two


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