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Intuition can help to improve our lives if we have trained and developed our potential ability.


I thought of the true nature of intuition.  I have read and learnt a little bit about intuition when I was studying Human Resources. It was one of the methods to make decisions.  I was a direct and a linear thinker – everyone had the same values and beliefs as I did.  I did not use intuition to find out how people thought and behaved.  I was believing in knowledge and books that I had learnt from schools…


Note:  I mean knowledge from schools is correct in a specific condition but it is not the only nature of a subject.  Every subject has two main aspects – Yin and Yang.  Yang is the appearance of a subject and Yin is the subtle energy of a subject.  For example, we see words in a message which is Yang aspect of a message but each word radiates the subtle energy of the writer or the emotion of the writer which is Yin aspect of a message.  Knowledge from schools belonged to Yin aspect of a subject.   To understand the operation of the universe thoroughly, it is better to embrace and understand both Yin and Yang aspects of a subject. 


Therefore, I applied the skills I learnt from school at work places and never tried to learn and solve problem through intuition.


Human body is similar to an antenna.   It can receive subtle energy of messages and decode it.   Everything is energy and everything radiates subtle energy with messages embedded.  Through proper trainings, anyone can be able to scan and define subtle energy of anything.  Human bodies do unconsciously receive the subtle messages and decode the messages in form of pictures, sound, smell or taste.  This is called intuition as far as I know and experience.


I had “tough” time which I call challenges now and found difficult to work in any offices in past because I could not handle the jobs very well or live up to my superiors’ expectations.  I also did not know the expectations of my superiors and my colleagues unless they told me frankly.  I was a passive person so I did not proactively ask them when I had questions.  Sometimes, I did not get answers even though I had asked them.  It was going on that way until I have tried to do my jobs partly based on intuition in my current workplace.  I have given chances to spend much longer to do and explore my intuition in this job.


For example, I was asked to source a supplier of a machine.  I was focusing on finding the right suppliers in the internet.   I might get 3 or 4 potential suppliers in 3 days.  I had a feeling “this is the right and good supplier” when I read its website.  Sometimes, I had a small voice in mind saying “it is a good product or this product does not meet our requirements.” when I was reading the catalogue of the products.   The comments were not finalized based on the information shown in the catalogue.  They just came from nowhere and no grounds but at the end, my boss bought from such supplier according to the comments.  Before making the firm decision, my boss would ask me many questions such as “why is that the right supplier?”, “why was it more expensive than others?” to justify his decision.  I answered him based on my intuition too – I did not draft the answers previously and I had the answers right after he had asked me.  The answers were not concluded based on factory visits or any information.  They just appeared naturally as I had the information sub-consciously collected during interactions with suppliers through emails and phone.  Generally speaking, the answers were felt and extracted from memories related to every supplier and their products radiating subtle energy in subconscious mind.


When I was working in purchasing field in other companies, the analysis and selection of suppliers were based on prices and delivery time of their products.  If the value or amount of the products were high, factory visits would be carried out.   Price comparison and supplier evaluation through such as factory visits were the skills I have learnt at a technical school but it did not teach me to select suppliers based on intuition.  


My previous blog post, Pineal Glands, states how to increase the ability of intuition by training Pineal Glands.  I did not try to attend such type of course as the most important point in my life is mind cultivation.   One of the practices of mind cultivation is to treat everyone equally including people at my work place and help them selflessly.  Intuition also comes when you help others without your ego but increasing intuition is not the main purpose of helping others.  This is one of the “spiritual” ways to improve work efficiency.

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