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25 Sep 2015  Posted in Mind and Body 

I accidentally learnt a kind of mediation from a spiritual master

It was an accident because I did not plan to learn mediation from any spiritual master.

I attended the class as it was the only chance to say “Thank you” to the spiritual master face to face at that moment.

It was the class about how to find our spiritual path.

The spiritual master said “When the force of Bad Karma was very strong, a person will be affected by Karma tremendously.  He or she will not select the right choice due to the force of Bad Karma.”


Karma is subtle energy.

In Taoism, it belongs to Wu (non-material world) which usually cannot be seen by physical eyes.

Most people cannot scan the energy of Bad Karma but Bad Karma can be verified in our daily lives.

We do not need to have third eye or psychic power to scan Bad Karma.

We can behold with right attitude and analyze incidents to find it out.

(Right attitude to handle problems is briefly explained in my previous post – How To See Spiritual Paths.)



I usually go to join a kind of spiritual practices with friends.

We sometimes invite others to come with us when it helps others to lessen Bad Karma.

I have experienced twice that some of my friends could not join.


The first case was related to one of my friends.

I invited my friend to go out to a place where we would do some spiritual practices but my friend did not know much about this.

I wanted to help my friend because he had bad relationship with some of his ex-colleagues.

I provided the date of our gathering through sending written messages to my friend.

My friend was very smart and good at learning by reading words.

Strangely, my friend misunderstood the date of our gathering and went to the place alone one day in advance.

To save money, my friend did not go with me again on the next day.


The second case was almost the same storyline as the first case.

This time, it was not my friend.

A friend of mine invited her friend to join a spiritual practice.

Recently her friend had a surgery and she is still recovering so she has quitted her job.

A friend of mine was eager to help her so she invited her friend to join a spiritual practice.

A day before our gathering, her friend said that she was not available.



Everything happens for a reason.  Coincidence is rare in our lives.

The first case and second case written previously show obvious sign of Bad Karma when it is related to effective methods.

Some types of spiritual practices are very effective to turn our lives around.

They can heal physical bodies and eliminate misfortune in our lives.

Karmic debtors in non-material world know how effective those practices are.

When the time is right, Karmic debtors can make “something” happen.

Therefore, people go away from effective methods.

This may be the reason why the first case and second case happened.



It was very impressive when I got stuck during meditation due to Bad Karma.

At the beginning, I felt sleepy during meditation more than 5 times.

This week, I felt I was blocked by invisible energy so no energy was flowing into my body during meditation once.

The spiritual master understood that there would be obstacles caused by Karma during meditation.

She told us how to tackle it at the beginning of the meditation class.

After I have carried out the solution, I have not felt asleep and energy was flowing into my body smoothly during meditation.

In my case, it was my Karmic debtors who made me sleeping during meditation at the beginning.

I am grateful for this as Karmic debtors encourage me to eliminate Bad Karma in this way.




I understand Karma is subtle and invisible.

I understand most people believe in what they see in our physical world.

If we take one step further and study Karma, we will discover traces of Karma and how to transmute our lives through eliminating Bad Karma.

I have noticed that some people knew the word Karma but they learn and know the word Karma only.

When misfortune happened, the issues were tackled based on subsidiary cause only.  The root causes were still there.

Those people’s lives were still the same before and after tackling the issues by the solutions they have chosen.

This triggers me to write this article stating that


If we understand the unknown side of the nature and our lives, we will have a chance to improve our lives.


        Dao De Jing Chapter 6


        Deity of Valley! Live in eternity.

        It is the source of the gateway of birth.

        It is the root of heaven and earth.

        Long and unbroken does its power remain.

        Used gently. Used gently. Never stop.


Our mind is as big as a valley.  It is the elixir of humbleness.

Everything happens for a reason.  Its root causes are originated from earth and heaven so be aware of the arrangement of our daily lives.

Things are going gently and densely.  Beholding anytime and answers will come.

Never stop doing so but do not plant a tree in haste. It is not growing quickly.



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