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The Hexagram Two of Earth composes of two “Yin”.

6 lines of this hexagram 2 Earth are “Yin”.

This represents earth, mother and the virtue of meek, kindness, etc..


The questioner who gets hexagram 2 Earth, will have long-term benefits if he or she is meek and humble.

It is better to be passive and follow the paths of others, rather than to be initiative, active and eager to make progress.

One will get lost if one strives to be the first and fear to lag behind.

Following after others will enable one to obtain more and meet a master from whom you can learn.

If one walks towards North-West, one will meet someone who can help to solve issues.

You will find no body to help when one goes to North-East.


To take every precaution at the beginning when one meets others and handle things from others.

To step back and behold when one handles his or her business.

You do not compete with others.

To be successful, you hold on straight to the end and find a leader who can help you and follow his or her teachings.


[Summary of Hexagram Two – Earth]

Things will go extremely smooth.

It is beneficial to be meek and humble, to bear hardships, to work as hard as a mare and to carry out firmly to the end.

A gentleman has a long way to go.

If one is looking for a shortcut to reach the top, one will get lost and will not arrive at the destination.

On the contrary, following the pathway of others can enable one to reach the destination and be looked after by a master.

Friends, who can help you, can be found in the North-West.

You cannot find someone to help if walking towards North-East.

Be chaste and then everything will be fine.


1st Line

Yin energy starts to condense so one should be cautious.

A little carelessness can ruin a project and turn it into a big disaster.

Learn to take every precaution at the beginning and to act up to a correct path.


Frost appears in autumn and water is frozen in winter.

When there is frost, one will know winter will be coming soon.

When yin energy (villains) condenses, one will know yang energy (gentlemen) will leave very soon.

This statement is to remind ones to take every precaution at the beginning and to recognize the whole through observation of the part.


2nd Line

Be gentle and agreeable.

Keep the doctrine of the mean.

Have the virtue of upright.

Things will go smoothly if one has not carried on as before and muddled along or has not suck to the past habit.


3rd Line

Because one has the virtue of gentle and agreeable and can concern the interests of the larger group, one is able to help others and carry out a major important matter. 

Although one can complete a task with great success, one is just a supporting role. 

Therefore, credits do not go to him or her.


4th Line

One is located at the place of full of worries.

One will get rid of faults and disasters if he or she can be gentle, agreeable, cautious and completing all duties keeping all secrets.

However, one will not have a reputation.


5th Line

Being meek and in a high position.

Having the virtue and express it externally.

Therefore, one can govern everything by doing nothing that goes against nature.


6th Line


A person who is arrogant but gentle should follow others’ suggestions.

Now, he or she forces others to follow you. 

Therefore, this creates arguments.

The worst case is may be killed and injured.

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