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I-Ching-Hexagram Twenty-Two – Adornment





There is something a gentleman must not do.

It is bright internally and there is a stop externally.

It represents a gentleman must hide his talent internally and stop doing something externally.


In Hexagram Twenty-One Biting, it is acting positively internally and be smart externally.

In this hexagram (Adornment), because one hides his talent internally and stop doing something externally, one can do general tasks only.

It is unable to make difficult decisions such as settling a lawsuit as it is more complicated and difficult.


The inscription on bones of Chinese word Bi of this hexagram (Biting) looks like an adornment on a big drum.

It emphasizes it is a big drum and the meaning has been transformed into an adornment.

People become barbarians if they do not have enough ornaments (here it implies feint)

If people have a lot of ornaments, they are as worldly-wise as officers.

Therefore, one has to get the appropriate numbers of ornaments.


This hexagram (Adornment) describes the situation that a bride is having make up and waiting for a bridegroom.

It also implies there is a hermit.

This hexagram (Adornment) follows Hexagram Twenty-First Biting.

Hexagram Twenty-First Biting in Chinese is Shi Ke and Ke has a meaning of getting together.

Everything cannot be casually getting together so an adornment is required.

There is a ceremony for animals to pay court to and human will do more than that to pay court.

Therefore, the nature of this hexagram (Adornment) is not only decorating one’s appearance but also one’s behavior.

This also means there are things that one should do and one should not do.


In terms of politics, this hexagram (Adornment) and Hexagram Twenty-First Biting have different directions about politics.

In Hexagram Twenty-First Biting, villains will be punished.

In this hexagram (Adornment), villains will be educated through manners and culture. 

Villains are treated nicely.


In terms of good fortune and misfortune, small projects will be succeeded but big projects will be totally failure in this hexagram (Adornment).

Small projects will be succeeded and the scale of projects is small but will not be big.

It is good fortune to do private things but not for official business.

If one is asking about marriage, this hexagram (Adornment) states marriage will go smoothly.

However, there will be anxiety and conflicts throughout the whole process.

If one is asking about starting a new project or obtaining an official rank, one will fail and there is a sign of withdrawing from society and obscurity.



[Summary of Hexagram Twenty-Second – Adornment]


Everything goes smoothly.

There will be small and long-run profits.

One will finally prevail if one persists.

Therefore, one will get small profits.

However, it is a sign of misfortune for starting big projects because one cannot distinguish between black and white.



1st Line


Wearing adornments on toes.

Therefore, one gives up traveling by a car and chooses to walk.

Able as they are but they have no chance to carry out their ideals.

One is losing power and influence but one is born to be vigorous.

Even though one can travel by a car, one will not get into a car due to legitimacy.

One will prefer to pretend one is good at walking and walk slowly.


This line represents toes, actions and behavior.

Wearing adornments on toes.

This implies one will feint through one’s behavior at the beginning.

Originally, it is glory to travel by a car and it is reasonable to accept this offer.

In terms of morality, one realizes one should not accept this offer.

Therefore, one makes one’s behavior looking nice and chooses not to get into a car.



2nd Line


Decorating one’s beard.

One has got a good position, however, it is just a supporting role.

One is just supporting others.

One follows the actions of others.


As a whole, this hexagram (Adornment) talks about the procedure of the marriage.

In this line, it talks about the elderly people are happy because their daughter is going to get marry.

Therefore, they comb their beards to prepare to join the wedding.

However, they are not the leading roles of this wedding standing aside watching the wedding happily.


3rd Line


It is a pretty and great decorations and ornaments.

Grand and solemn can be kept and persisted.


Packaging and decorations are very pretty.

If it is a man, he will be surrounded by women.

By this time, one should not indulge into superficial glory and splendor.

One should keep one’s principles and sentiment.

Therefore, one can keep one’s achievements and no one can overtop you.


4th Line


Why does one need make up?

Should one be simple without make up?

This is very confusing.

A white speedy horse arrives.

It looks like a theft riding a horse invading.

However, it is not a theft.

It is the person who makes a proposal of marriage.

It implies an event makes one doubting so one is anxious.

Finally, a decision can be finalized.


One has got a message through telepathy.

Although one gets the horse ready and prepares to travel, one is stopped by others nearby.

One cannot start travel because one is stopped by others.

Others make one feeling scary and anxious.

Therefore, one cannot achieve the objectives.

One’s volition is very determined.

One is waiting for the right time to change so that one can achieve the objectives.



5th Line


Decorating the home on the mountain.

It seems one is very mean to give simple betrothal gifts which are Cloth and silk.

At the end, one holds the wedding.

Good fortune.

A wedding will be held but there are some accidents.



6th Line

It is decorated with simple white colour.

There is no fault.


There is nothing for decorations.

Therefore, it is decorated simply.

It is pure and simple which is the sign of a cloistered existence in a forest.

There is no fault.


This line is the peak of this hexagram (Adornment).

It means stoppages and pure and simple as well.

Therefore, it is the peak of adornments.

When it is the peak of adornments (having too many adornments), one is changing back into simple and pure decorations.

Decorating in simple white colour is a kind of decorations which looks it is not decorated.



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