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I-Ching-Hexagram Twenty-Three – Splitting


To peel off.

To come off.

Losing dwellings.


This Hexagram (Splitting) means things has decayed and are peeling off and coming off.

This high mountain has a risk of collapsing so one are stopped to climb this mountain.

This hexagram (Splitting) is meek internally and has stoppages externally.

One should stop at one’s convenient.

One should stop to go with the stream and not go forward taking risks.


In terms of yin and yang energy, the energy of yang reaches its peak in April,Hexagram One Heave.

Afterwards, yang energy is leaving where as yin energy is increasing.

In May, Hexagram Forty Four Copulating, women are managing things.

In June, Hexagram Thirty Three Withdrawal, gentlemen are isolating themselves from all society to avoid disasters.

In July, Hexagram Twelve Clogging, people invest less money but earn many profits and everything is blocked.

In August, Hexagram Nineteen Arrival, the imperial court with yang energy is used for viewing and admiring only.

In September, this hexagram (Splitting), 5 lines of yin energy are going to remove 1 line of yang energy.


Therefore, in this hexagram (Splitting), yin energy is increasing removing yang energy.

This implies villains are forcing gentlemen to leave.

Yang energy is being removed and only one line of yang line is left.

When one has got this hexagram (Splitting), one should not proceed and try to avoid.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Splitting) is opposite to Hexagram Twenty Forth Returning.

This hexagram (Splitting) follows Hexagram Twenty First Biting and Hexagram Twenty Second Adornment

This Hexagram has also implied to remove adornments and to be honest to each other.


[Summary of Hexagram Twenty-Three – Splitting]

It is peeling off and rotten.

It is better not to travel and leave home.



1st Line


Cabinet bases start peeling off and decaying.

The right path is being destroyed.



It starts peeling off collapsing.

Cabinet bases are decaying and wavered.

The place you rest is not safe so one should pay attention that disaster will come.



2nd Line

The cabinet bases and the bedplate are decaying.

The right path has been destroyed.

Bugs have eaten the cabinet bases and the bedplate.

This states that you are losing the place where you rest.

There is nothing for you to put effort into.


3rd Line

One is working in a place where there are many villains endangering everything.

However, one keeps himself clean and works with gentlemen following the correct path.

Therefore, one does not follow the bad examples of villains.

Faults can be avoided.


4th Line


The whole bed has been decayed.

It means disasters are coming soon.

Calamities will happen on you.



5th Line


Imperial concubines of the imperial harem are queuing in order.

They are cosseted so everything will go smoothly.

In this line, it is the top of yin lines.

This yin line on the top is leading all yin lines which support one yang line – when yin lines are supporting a yang line, it is the sign of good fortune.

It is also the sign of imperial concubines of the imperial harem being cosseted.

Although one is associating with villains, one can lead all people to follow him.

It similar to villains who follow a gentleman and subordinates who follow their superior.

Good fortune.

Everything goes smoothly.


6th Line


A big fruit is hanging on top of the tree so no people eat it.

Therefore, it decays and falls on the ground at the end.

If one is a gentleman, one will get the seeds from this decayed fruit to plant trees.

When trees have grown up with fruits, people can eat fruits and this gentleman will be respected and supported by the people.

On the contrary, villains take care of their living only and the seeds of the decayed fruit are not planted.

Therefore, their houses will collapse and lose their family fortunes.


Yang line of 6th line is on the top of 5 yin lines.

It is like the last fruit hanged on the tree in autumn.

When the last fruit drops on the ground, the fruits will grow on the tree again in spring.

This is similar to Hexagram Twenty Forth Returning in which a yang line is located at the bottom of 5 yin lines.

This last fruit is similar to the only yang line.

In this hexagram (Splitting), this last fruit is falling on the ground and decayed becoming the yang line at the bottom of 5 yin lines.

This one yang line is growing on the land.



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