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I-Ching-Hexagram Twenty-Six – Great Restraint


Long recuperation.

To cultivate greatly.

To get together and educate talented people.

To cultivate one’s strength which can be applied anytime and wait for the right time to apply the strength.


This hexagram (Great Restraint) in Chinese is Da Chu

There are three meanings of Chu – to stop, to gather and to cultivate.


Reading the meaning of Hexagram Nine Small Tames (in Chinese, Xiao Chu and Xiao means small) together with this hexagram (Great Restraint), we will see the full picture of this hexagram (Great Restraint).

In Hexagram Nine Small Tames, the talented person is not trusted by someone with an important position.

He is staying at home spending his own savings till it is used up.

Therefore, it slightly stops, slightly gathers and slightly cultivates.

In this hexagram, Da Chu, one is paid to work.

Therefore, it greatly stops, greatly gathers and greatly cultivates.

That is why it is called Da Chu ( Da means big or great).


In this hexagram (Great Restraint), the lower trigram is Heaven and the upper trigram is Mountain (which implies to stop and is also called entrance building).

The lower trigram of this hexagram (Great Restraint) represents vigorous talented people who is paid and supported so they are gathering at the entrance building.

In ancient time, it is a trend to support and pay talented people who gather in the payer’s house.


In terms of the sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Great Restraint) is paired up with Hexagram Twenty Five Innocence following after Hexagram Twenty Three Splitting and Hexagram Twenty Four Returning.

In Hexagram Twenty Four Returning, one corrects evil doings and reverts to good.

After Hexagram Twenty Five Innocence, one starts inviting talented people who will become the pillars of society.


If the divinator who asks about official ranks has got this hexagram (Great Restraint), one should bravely go ahead and work for the country.

His talent will be recognized and one will be put into an important position.

One will be paid to carry out important jobs.

However, one will work all time that he will not have much time left for his family.

If the divinator who asks about the marriage gets this hexagram (Great Restraint), one will be very busy working and cannot take care of his or her family.


[Summary of Hexagram Twenty-Five – Great Restraint]

Great Restraint.

It is better to be righteous.

Working outside and no time to have dinners at home.

Good fortune.

Therefore, one can cross the river and go through danger.

One has extensive experience and talented.

A talented person who goes to work will be put into an important position.


1st Line

There is danger.

Therefore, one cannot enjoy benefits.

One is not supported by others so one has been crowded out.

It is not the right time to go.

It is better to stop going.

If one goes forward rashly, one will be in danger.

If one stops and not go forward, one can avoid disasters.



2nd Line

It is like a wheel dropping off from the car.

Therefore, one cannot go forward.

As one cannot go forward, one would rather staying at home husbanding one’s strengths.

One should not force oneself to go forward.


3rd Line

One is riding a carriage and the horse is running fast.

It is better to be arduous and be fair.

Everyday, one practises the skill of riding and protection.

One will get benefits in long-run.

A talented and ambitious person is capable and his capability is higher.

However, one still keeps learning every day to improve one’s capability.

Therefore, one will get benefits in a long run.

One goes to work with talent and experience, so one will be put into an important position and be able to finish all tasks.


4th Line

The calf still does not have horns so it is tied to avoid the cow to harm others with its horns when it has grown up.

Prevention is better than cure.

Good fortune.

Happy events.



5th Line

The tooth of hogs cannot harm others.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Good fortune.


6th Line

Walking towards a broad road.

Everything goes smoothly.


A carp jumps over the door of dragon, so it goes to the road connected with the sky.

This is the peak of husbanding one’s strengths.

It is the time for one flying into the sky so one can shoulder the duties of the country.

One can be able to turn peril into safety.



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