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I-Ching-Hexagram Twenty-Nine – Pit

There is danger in the front and at the back.

One gets used to danger.


In this hexagram (Pit), 2 yang lines collapses and are surrounded by yin lines so 2 yang lines have no way to go out.

This hexagram (Pit) in Chinese, Kan, means water which also means danger.


In 64 hexagrams, this hexagram (Pit) in Chinese is also called Xi Kan.

Xi has got 2 meanings. 

The first meaning is repeating.  Two trigrams, Water, of this hexagram (Pit) overlap.

This implies that there are risks of water internally and externally.

The second meaning is a habit.
It is dangerous internally and externally so one gets used to danger.

One is trying to get through in a risky situation.

Therefore, Xi Kan means there is water above and underneath.

It is risky to go from one risky place to another risky place but one can go through both places smoothly.

One can get over things in a risky situation.


Hexagram Twenty Nine Great Excess has too much Yang energy so it needs to be controlled.

This hexagram (Pit) is to make Yang lines caving in to control excess Yang energy.

Therefore this hexagram follows Hexagram Twenty Nine Great Excess.


In terms of fortune, this hexagram (Pit) represents danger.

In 64 hexagrams, most hexagrams which contain trigrams of Water, represents danger.

For example, in Hexagram Three Spouting, its meaning is related to difficulty as there are risks.

In Hexagram Thirty Nine Hindered, one cannot go forward as it is in danger of collapsing.

In Hexagram Forty Seven Distress, there is a risk of flooding so its meaning is related to traps.

There is double danger in this hexagram (Pit) Xi Kan so it is not a good hexagram.

Therefore, the statements of this hexagram (Pit) are mostly negative and related to misfortune.


We need to pay attention when explaining the meaning of this hexagram (Pit).

There are the meanings of going smoothly in the statement and every line of this hexagram (Pit).

There is obtainment in a positive situation.

However, it does not mean that there is no danger or one is getting rid of danger.

Actually, it is about going through things in a risky situation.

Going through refers to the mental stage of mind expressing the essence of this hexagram (Pit).

As it is dangerous internally and externally, one should let it be.

Therefore, this hexagram (Pit) represents things will go smoothly as it is related mind and cultivation.

And it is not about the divinator who physically gets out of danger and then things go smoothly afterwards.


[Summary of Hexagram Twenty-Nine – Pit]

Used to be in a risky situation.

Being sincere and credible.

Keeping in mind one can go through things all the time.

One will be rewarded.

It is risky internally and externally.

There are risks in front of you and at your back.

The one who refines and changes one’s mind can get over smoothly.

Going through mentally refers to get over things smoothly in this hexagram (Pit).

One pursues going through things in one’s mind and it does not refer to going through things physically.


In a nutshell, this hexagram does not represent that all is well with everything.

However, when once acts positively and optimistic all the time, there will be some obtainment and achievements.


1st Line

Used to be in a risky situation.

One falls into a hole on the ground.


This line is at the bottom of this hexagram (pit) and it is the beginning of getting used to be in a risky situation.

It is a yin line which does not match up with this yang position.

There are no other lines which match up with this line.

There is danger in this risk situation.



2nd Line

In this risky situation, one is able to obtain some harvasts.

One wants to leave this dangerous place but one cannot.

However, one can take necessary risk to win so one is able to obtain some harvasts.

It is too early to say that one is far away from risk.

Trying to go through in a risky situation.

One obtains some harvasts but not great achievements.


This line is in the middle of the lower trigram Water of this hexagram (Pit).

Therefore, one is involved in this risky situation.

It is called risky in Water.

However, one is in the middle of the lower trigram Water and is vigorous.

One is vigorous and righteous morally.

One is able to help oneself.

Therefore, it is said one is looking for and obtaining some harvasts.

Although one obtains some harvasts, one is involved in a risky situation.

Hence this line is about trying to go through in a risky situation.


3rd Line

It is risky to move forward and backward.

It is dangerous and makes one worries.

One has entered the deepest part of a dangerous place.

Everything is impractical.

This line is situated between two boundaries of risky places.

This position is a very dangerous state.

It is risky to move forward and backward.

Therefore, everything becomes impractical.

4th Line

A bottle of wine.

Two trays of food.

One earthen jar.

Passing these simple foods through the window.

They are good enough to offer to ancestors or nobles.

At the end, one has got no fault.

It implies that if everything is simple and practical, one will have got no fault.


During this difficult and risky situation, one offers small gifts with great ties of friendship.

Although you meet nobles offering small gifts, your sincerity has been expressed.

Therefore, you can discuss the strategy of escaping from danger.

At the end, one can turn peril into safety.


This line has got rid of danger internally.

When one gets over risks externally, one will be out of risks totally.

Moreover, this line supports the master of 5th line of this hexagram (Pit).

There is a chance to escape from danger.

One can merely devote one’s sincerity.

Asking a master for help and one can escape from danger.

One’s fault can be spared.


5th Line

This is not the end of this hole on the ground.

When it is ended, one can escape from danger and one fault can be spared.

One is able to handle risks but cannot get rid of them.

One merely has no fault.

Peaceful day is not far from us.

This line is the line of master.

It has the morality of firmness and integrity.

It is also located in the right position.

One is capable to handle risks.

Although one is out of risks, one is not supported by other talented people.

In addition, one is working alone.

In terms of ties of friendship and trends, one cannot get rid of them totally.



6th Line

Tied up by a rope.

Locked in a room where brambles grow on the walls.

One cannot be recovered in three years.



Trapped in a room surrounded by brambles.

One’s character is too week and one is situated in a risky place.

One cannot be recovered in three years.


There is a chance of being jailed.



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