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I-Ching-Hexagram Twenty-Four – Returning



Going back home.

Yang energy is coming back.

Correct evil doings and revert to good.

Go around and begin again.


Recovering in Chinese has the meanings of returning and coming back.

This also implies one corrects evil doings and reverts to good.

In I-Ching, it means Yang energy is coming back.


The lower trigram of this hexagram (Returning) is Thunder.

Thunder represents moving, spring and full of life.

All vitality is buried deep underground.

Everything hibernates in winter.

It seems very quite when everything is hibernating.

However, all vitality is buried underground.


In Hexagram Twenty-Four Splitting, it is almost the end of diminishing Yang energy.

There is only one Yang line left.

In this hexagram (Returning), all Yang energy has been diminished and then it is coming back again.

Things start from the beginning entering another cycle.


Referring to the energy of this hexagram (Returning), it is the hexagram of November in winter.

In Hexagram Two Earth, Yang energy has been eliminated in October.

It is the coldest time and the shortest day time in one year.

On the other hand, Yang energy is coming back.

After Chinese Winter Solstice, the duration of the day time is increasing gradually.

The Yang line is coming back which is the meaning of this hexagram (Returning).


It is called the restart of the first.

When one Yang line is coming back, it also represents Yin and Yang are diminishing entering into another cycle.

It represents another beginning of the cycle.

It also means the beginning of an event.


Yang represents righteousness, big things and gentlemen.

Therefore, this hexagram (Returning) also means correcting evil doing and reverting good.

Righteousness is coming back being initiated.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Returning) is paired up with Hexagram Twenty Three Splitting.

This hexagram (Returning) follows Hexagram Twenty Three Splitting.

All Yang energy has gone in Hexagram Twenty Three Splitting.

Afterwards, Yang energy is coming back from the bottom of all Yin energy.


The one who has this hexagram through divination will have safe journeys and lost goods will be found.

Lost people will also be found.

The situation does not look good right now externally.

Internally, it is full of life.

Wait and there will be long-term benefits.



[Summary of Hexagram Twenty-Four – Returning]

Yang energy is coming back.

Everything goes smoothly.

One is going in and out safely.

There is no disaster.

There will be no fault when friends are coming.

Walking a long way for 7 days and one has gone back home at the end.

There is a long-term benefit.


Although this hexagram (Returning) states that one travel safely and it seems it is good to travel (take actions), it is better to stay alone and rehabilitate.


1st Line

One gets lost but not for a long time.

There is no regret.

Good fortune.


It is not a big mistake.

Because one is worrying knowing that one needs to improve, one will not make the mistake again.

When one corrects oneself on time, one will not regret.

Good fortune.


2nd Line

Travel safe.

Going back home safely.

Good fortune.


One never makes the same mistake for the second time.

See a good and wise men and try to emulate him.

See others’ strengths and be modest to others.

Share others’ morality.

Therefore, one treats others’ strengths the same as the strengths of oneself.

Good fortune.


3rd Line

One worries there will be danger so one decides to go back home.

There is no fault.

Because one worries and reviews one’s behavior, one has decided to correct and improve.

Although there is danger, finally, there will be no fault.


Having corrected and improved oneself, one makes the same mistake again.

When the mistakes are made, one is correcting and improving again.

The corrections and mistakes happen again and again like a cycle.

Because the mistakes are being made repeatedly, there are risks.

However, one insists to improve so big mistakes have not yet been made.

There will be no fault.



4th Line

One is walking in the middle of the big road going back home.

One is a principled person who has independent thinking and actions.

Doing things by the correct ways.

Doing things differently.

Although one is surrounded by villains, one insists one’s principles.

One’s behavior is the same as gentlemen.


5th Line


One urges and reminds oneself so one goes back home.

No regret.


Although one is going too far and things cannot be recovered, one is honest, dependable and steady.

One can examine oneself and monitor oneself, so one can avoid regretting.



6th Line

One loses the way so one cannot go back home.


There will be disasters.

One will lose the first battle and all soldiers are dead.

The troubles involve the emperor.

The country fails signally and cannot recover in ten years.




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