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I-Ching-Hexagram Twenty-Eight – Great Excess


Too much yang energy.

Head is heavy and feet are much lighter.

Ridgepoles and beams are unstable.

The big organization is not firm.


This hexagram Twenty Eight, Great Excess, means the amount of something is great.

This hexagram (Great Excess) is Da Guo in Chinese.

In this hexagram (Great Excess), Da means yang energy.

Therefore, Da Guo means there is great excess of yang energy.


In I-Ching 64 hexagrams, there are 4 hexagrams which have much yang energy.

However, why the meaning of this hexagram (Great Excess) is negative?

Because 4 yang lines of this hexagram (Great Excess) are located at the centre of this hexagram.

And there is one yin line at the top and one yin line at the bottom of this hexagram (Great Excess).

They are the lines which are weak so they cannot support 4 yang line of this hexagram (Great Excess).


The picture of this hexagram (Great Excess) is that the upper trigram is water and the lower trigram is wood.

Wood soaks in a lake.

Lake is the source of water nourishing trees.

However, in this case, it is flooding covering all trees.

It is the sign that water destroys wood.

Following one’s mind mentally and expressing this joy externally.

Following one’s desire and extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow.

It is going too far.


In terms of the sequence of the hexagrams, this hexagram (Great Excess) follows Hexagram Twenty Seven Nourishing.

Hexagram Twenty Seven Nourishing in Chinese Yi means to nourish.

This hexagram has the meaning that there is excess nourishment.

Therefore, the inside and outside of something are unbalance.

If it is about nourishment of a person, this person lives in clover and his body is puffiness.

Thus, one has many diseases.

For a company, the staff and the organization are aging.

There are many managers but there is insufficient operational staff.

The head is getter too big and it starts having many problems.


In terms of fortune, ridgepoles and beams are unstable and slanted.

Flooding destroys wood so this is not a good hexagram.


If a divinator who is vigorous and is solely responsible for one section, one may be able to turn back the powers of darkness.

Acting like a tower of strength and one gets many benefits in long term.

One tries work things out smoothly in a risky situation.

If a divinator who is weak and cannot work independent, it is misfortune.



[Summary of Hexagram Twenty-Eight – Great Excess]


Great Excess.

Ridgepoles and beams are curving and slanted.

There are long-term benefits.

Everything goes smoothly.


Why are ridgepoles and beams curving and slanted?

Because the lines of the lower trigram of this hexagram (Great Excess) are weak.

When one is weak, how can one be working independently and controlling the situation?

It is mainly because yang energy is capable to control the situation.

However, it is applied on one who can merely be solely responsible for one section only and can control the situation.

If one is weak and cannot be solely responsible for one section, there will be no benefits and things will not go smoothly.



1st Line

Using cogongrasses to offer respectfully.

One offers respectfully and cautiously.

There is no fault.


One is too cautiously.

However, one never fails with this attitude.

One is introverted, amiable and cautious.

It is excessive cautiousness.

Because it is the time ridgepoles and beams are unstable and shaking, one’s cautiousness avoids oneself to fail.


In this hexagram (Great Excess), the weak lines refer to 1st line and 6th line.

1st line is yin line but it is yang position.

Therefore, it is not in a right position.

Ridgepoles and beams are curving and slanted so there will be faults.

However, there are not because it can support yang and everything goes smoothly.

This line also matches up with 4th line.

It can follow yang energy and help each other.

Therefore, there is no fault.


2nd Line

The roots of withered poplars are growing downward.

It is full of live again like an old man having a young wife.

Therefore, it is the sign of full of live again.

It will be successful everytime.


This line represents misfortune because there is excess yang energy.

Ridgepoles and beams are curving and slanted.

The house is unstable and flooding will destroy wood.

This hexagram (Great Excess) represents success and things go smoothly in two situations.

Firstly, one can be solely responsible for one section.

Secondly, one is supported by yin energy and both yin and yang energy balance.

The lines next to 1st line and 5th line are yin lines so they are enlivened by yin energy.

Therefore, 1st line and 5th line have the sign of having a wife.

Why 2nd line does not have benefits?

Why 5th line does not have faults and reputations?

Because the wife of the 2nd line is like the roots of a poplar growing downward (yin line is under this line).

The wife of 5th line is like a blossoming poplar which flowers are growing upward (yin line is above this line).

Growing roots represent there are chances.

Blossoming implies the last radiance of the setting sun.

It is like a poplar which is reproducing before it dies.

This cannot help a withered poplar but make it dying faster.


Morever, this line is supported by 1st line.

Yin energy is helping yang energy.

This is the sign of a wife helping her husband.

Therefore, it is good fortune.

5th line is controlled by 6th line.

Yin energy is riding on yang energy.
Therefore, yin energy is harming yang energy.

This is a sign of a wife harming her husband.

Therefore, one deserves neither blame nor compliment.



3rd Line

Ridgepoles and beams are curving and slanted.



The water house is much bigger and heavier than the pillars which are at the bottom of the water house.

Ridgepoles and beams are vibrating.

Ridgepoles and beams are unstable losing the power of support.

We can see it is dangerous.



In this hexagram (Great Excess), the pictures of 2nd line and 5th line are withered poplars.

In 2nd line, it is good fortune when the roots of poplars are growing downward.

In 5th line, one deserves neither blame nor compliment when poplars are blossoming.

The pictures of 3rd line and 4th line are related to ridgepoles

3rd line is right on top of the lower trigram of this hexagram (Great Excess) showing the upper part is much heavier than the lower part.

Ridgepoles are slanted.


4th line is located at the bottom of the upper trigram showing the upper part is much lighter than the lower part.

Therefore, ridgepoles are strong.

Good Fortune.

This line matches up with 1st line of this hexagram (Great Excess).

1st line is the flowers of poplars which make poplars withering faster.

1st line implies the disaster which the water house is swamped in the vast ocean.

There is nothing to help yang energy of this line.

Although this line matches up with 1st line, this is misfortune in this case.

1st line matches with 4th line and 1st line implies the roots which invigorate poplars.

This can help to enhance yang energy.

Good fortune.



4th Line


Ridgepoles are firm.

Good fortune.

However, there are other concerns.


The water house is very light but the ridgepoles at the bottom of the house are heavy.

However, if there is much reinforcement, the basal ridgepoles will be moved easily.

This makes one regrets deeply.

This is good fortune but it is better to prevent one from making unnecessary move which raises obstacles.


Please see the explanation of 3rd line for the reason why 4th line is the line of good fortune.


5th Line

Withered poplars are blossoming.

An old woman marries a young guy.

There is no fault but it is no sound reputation.


Withered poplars are blossoming suddenly.

An old woman marries a young guy.

This is a sign of life when the root of an old tree is growing.

If it is blossoming, this is the last radiation of the setting sun.

Therefore, it is propitious for a withered poplar which is blossoming.

Never be cheated by beautiful flowers.

An old woman marries a young guy is unaccepted by people with tradition customs.

Therefore, it is better to prevent from being thoroughly discredited.


The pictures of 2nd line and 5th line are withered poplars.

Please see the explanation of 2nd line for the variance of fortune between 2nd line and 5th line.

The blossoming period of withered poplars do not last long.

Others feel ashamed when an old woman is having a young husband.

In ancient time, only an older husband matched up with a younger wife.

It was unacceptable for an old woman marrying a young guy in terms of ancient social customs.

Therefore, the reputation is bad.



6th Line

One knows it is a very deep lake but one wades into water.

One will be swamped into the lake.



One knows it is dangerous but one still keeps going forward courageously.

There will be fatal disasters.

One is willing to die bravely for faith and truths.

One is not scared to sacrifice for righteousness.

The divinator who has got this hexagram (Great Excess) will encounter a dangerous and risky situation.

There is a risk of meeting one’s death but it is righteous to do that.

One disregards one’s gains and losses and sacrifices oneself for virtue and truths.

Therefore, one is a respectful martyr.

There is no fault.



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