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I-Ching-Hexagram Twelve - Clogging


It is blocked.

There is bad communication.


This Hexagram Twelve, Clogging, in Chinese is Fou.

The Chinese character of Fou is composed of two Chinese characters meaning No and Mouth.

Therefore, this Hexagram Twelve represents there is no communication among people meaning bad communication.

It also implies the energy of yin and yang do not interflow which is against the rule of harmony.

Lives are not nurtured and this situation wither lives.


The picture of this hexagram (Clogging) shows the upper trigram consists of three yang lines and the lower trigram consists of three yin lines.

It implies yang energy remains in the sky whereas yin energy stays on the ground.

Therefore, yang energy from the sky and yin energy from the ground are not interflow.

This is the sign of blockages.

Politics is in turmoil and a great deal of discord has arisen in the country.

At this moment, a gentleman should not just look for fame and money.

He should withdraw from society and live in obscurity.

The questioner who has got this hexagram (Clogging) through I-Ching divination should hide one’s talents and wait for the right time silently.


Based on the picture of this hexagram (Clogging), it implies yin energy goes back inside whereas yang energy is forced to stay outside.

Yin and Yang energy unbalance.

One has desire in one’s mind but on the outside, one handles everything vigorously.

Things go against the flow.


Referring to the energy of this hexagram (Clogging), the Hexagram Eleven Prospering represents the season of spring and the month January.

It governs growth and nourishment of everything.

This Hexagram, Twelve, Clogging represents the season of autumn and the month July.

It governs the death of everything so everything will wither and disintegrate.

Yang energy will come back starting from the Hexagram Twenty Four, Returning.

In January, Yin and Yang energy are being interflowed and harmonized for the Hexagram Eleven, Prospering.

In April, there is maximum amount of Yang energy in Hexagram One, Heaven.

Then, in May, Yin energy is coming back and women (implies villains) will control in the Hexagram Forty Four Copulating.

In the Hexagram Thirty Three Withdrawal, yin energy is increasing and gentlemen start fleeing.

When it reaches the stage of this hexagram (Clogging), there is no interflow between the energy of Yin and Yang and everything is blocked.


If one has got this hexagram (Clogging) through divination, everything you handle will go against the flow.

If one is a superior, it is better to listen to subordinates’ suggestions.

If one is a subordinate, it is better to express one’s opinions effectively.

If one can break the ice and listen to each other opinions, good fortune will be at hand.



 [Summary of Hexagram Twelve - Clogging]


When there is an energy blockage, everything is withering and disintegrating.

Therefore, everyone is suffering.

The principles of benevolent gentlemen are infeasible.

Gentlemen has gone while villains are coming back and stay


1st Line


This line represents one wants to get out of the dark side and surrender to the bright side.

One wants to start an attack which matches up with the Yang energy of the 4th line, 5th line and 6th line.

If one starts an attack, people of the same principles will also start an attack like uprooting glasses which their roots are interlinked.

Keep quiet and stay where you are.

Good fortune will come.


2nd Line

Likes attract likes.

Inferiors associate with inferiors.

Superiors associate with superiors.

Inferiors and superiors will not fight against one another.

Inferiors have good fortune but superiors are not.

It is the high time that inferiors take control of things.



3rd Line

Although one lives next to bigwigs, one cannot get close with bigwigs.

On the contrary, one is willing to get close with villains and harbour villains.

Even though one mingles with villains, one is just a follower waving flags and shouting battle cries.

This makes other people feeling ashamed.

This line shows it is the end of the regime of villains and then gentlemen will take control of everything.

It does not like the situation of the 1st line in which villains starts to get the control.

It also does not like the situation of the 2nd line in which villains are leaders.

In 3rd line, one can only become an unimportant follower among all villains.

Therefore, it is a shame.



4th Line

Villains start losing the power of the control.

Gentlemen can go out to remove blockages.

However, gentlemen are fearful as they do not have authority.

They are capable of changing the situation but they cannot do it proactively.

They have got to receive orders from superiors first in order to take action.

In this way, they will get rid of faults.

All companions can enjoy benefits because of one’s achievements.



5th Line

This is the end of chaos.

Villains cannot affect the world.

Therefore, gentlemen can heal the world.

However, it is not yet ended completely.

Villains may have a chance to come back and ruin the country.

It is better to encourage oneself and be working hard to have a thorough grounding.


It is the time that one takes a rest for a while.

A sunny day will come but one has to alert knowing chaos is not yet ended completely.

Therefore, it is important to have a thorough grounding.

It is the sign of good fortune for one who is a superior or has authority to have the 5th line of this hexagram (Clogging)



6th Line


It is the end of the chaos.

It is the last dark night before dawn.

Prosperity will come.

At the beginning, there are blockages.

However, prosperity and happy events will come very soon.


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