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I-Ching-Hexagram Three - Sprouting



This is a genesis of the world, so it is difficult to go forward.

It is tough to start a new project and difficult to run a new business.


At the primeval state of the universe, the world is absolute chaos.

However, it is the right time to build and complete the paragon of the system.

In this Hexagram Three – Sprouting, the upper trigram is water representing external danger and the lower trigram is thunder representing movement.

The meaning of the whole hexagram means facing the dangerous movement.


“Sprouting” is originated from the grass which are sprouting and crimping but not yet expanding.

The difficult point of the situation “Sprouting” is things are not strong in infancy.

This is the challenge to start a new project in infancy.


“Sprouting” implies the stage of creation of growing out of nothing for example to start a business, creating artwork, doing something which someone or you have not done before.


“Sprouting” also has the meaning of assembling and accumulating.


This Hexagram Three, Sprouting, emphasizes on accumulating actual strength.

The best strategy is to husband strength and wait for the right time to move.

It is better neither constantly move nor wait because it is dangerous to move and difficult to accomplish if one is waiting.

Building up a firm foundation and accumulating actual strength can achieve balance between to move and to wait.

However, don’t launch an attack easily.


[Summary of Hexagram Three – Sprouting]

It is better to stay at the original place and wait silently.

Do not travel to a distant place and then one can consolidate all actual strength.


1st Line

There are huge rocks and big pillars so the foundation is very steady and firm.

It is better to stay at the original place, waiting and preparing for the future.


This is a right time to build up the foundation.


2nd Line

It is difficult to go forward therefore one is staying at the same place hovering.

The horse is circling at the same place even though one is riding a horse.

It is not because of meeting robbers.

It is because a girl riding a horse coming to remarry a groom.

After getting married, the girl has not been pregnant because this relationship is abnormal.

Therefore, she may be pregnant after ten years.



In ancient China, people travelled by riding horses.

Some would be ridden or killed by thieves on the hill.

This hexagram implies it is a difficult and dangerous situation.


Brides were traveling and going to grooms’ houses by riding horses in ancient China.

Remarriage was unaccepted by ancient Chinese people as women were supposed to get marry once in a life time.

If the husband was died, the woman would be living in widowhood for the rest of her life in ancient time.

This hexagram implies what is going on is something unaccepted by most people so it would not be succeeded in a short period of time.]


3rd Line

It is very dangerous if one goes to a forest to hunt with a guide.

It is better to give up when one knows it is a difficult task.

If one acts wilfully, one will be the only person to blame.


4th Line

The horse is circling at the same place proposing to remarry.

Just go forward and it will be succeeded


5th Line


Although one has got a talent and authority, one is surrounded by villains.

Therefore, one can do small tasks but is unable to do big tasks.

Everything will be fine if doing small tasks and vice verse.


6th Line


One is in danger and is unable to handle the situation.

There is no one nearby who can help.

One is crying riding a horse hovering at the same place.

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