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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty Two – Constancy




The road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.

The upper trigram of this hexagram (Constancy) is Thunder representing the eldest son.

The lower trigram of this hexagram (Constancy) is Wind representing the eldest daughter.

The eldest son is active externally.

The eldest daughter is meek internally.

It is like a stable and harmonized family.

A husband is working outside.

A wife is doing household chores at home.

The classification of their jobs is very clear.

Therefore, their family is stable and constancy.



This hexagram (Constancy) follows Hexagram Thirty One Feeling.

The lines and the positions of upper and lower trigrams of them are totally opposite.

In Hexagram Thirty Feeling, it states a young boy and a young girl fall in love and get married.

In this hexagram (Constancy), a young husband and a young wife become more stable when they have grown up.

There is a good classification of jobs in their family maintaining a stable family.

It shows how to get along when this couple grows old together.


If one gets this hexagram (Constancy), the family is stable and harmonic.

Everything can be accomplished when one keeps doing so persistently.

It is like a long and small river.

One will disadvantage if one is innovative and looks for changes

A divinator who has this hexagram (Constancy) is better maintaining one’s standpoints and principles.



[Summary of Hexagram Thirty Two – Constancy]

Constancy and everything goes smoothly.

There is no fault.

It is better to be loyal and righteous.

There will be long-term benefits like small rivers running for many miles.



1st Line

A wife is very strict to her husband but she is not logical.

It is difficult to avoid conflicts.

There is a risk that the wife quarrels with her husband and then becomes enemies.

When a wife blames her husband, it is conformity to human relations of feudal ethics.

However, they argue when they just start their family life.

Then, the wife is gone too far.

This action goes against a harmonic family.

Therefore, there will not be long-term benefits.


2nd Line

One is working at an incorrect position.

However, one can maintain the golden mean.

Therefore, one can avoid faults and regrets.


This line has the meaning of regrets.

Because of one’s correct behaviour, one does not regret.

Regrets disappear as one is moderate.


3rd Line

Cannot maintain virtue.

Changes personal’s integrity.

This evokes others insulting one.

This line also implies a wife is too active and not staying at home.

Therefore, their marriage ends in divorce.



4th Line

A husband fails to keep his own line outside.

He does not work hard for a long time.

Therefore, he does not have money to feed his family.

This is the sign that he goes to hunt but he has got no prey.


5th Line

Maintaining loyalty and constancy from the beginning till the end.

This is a good character for a woman.

Good fortune.

A man should be vigorous, decisive and has his own principles.

However, he is meek and indecisive.

This is the sign that one cannot accomplish important tasks.



6th Line

Originally, the family business is very firm and constancy.

Everything has its own track.

Now, one acts rashly and blindly.

One goes against one’s conventions.

Things cannot be achieved.

On the contrary, it affects everything which has been done in past.



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