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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty Seven – Family


One of the family members.

There is a virtuous wife in a family.

Regulate a family in perfect order.


This hexagram (Family) states there is a beautiful woman in a family.

The woman is able and virtuous.

It is the meaning of managing a family with good measures.

Therefore, a husband has no trouble back at home working hard outside.


The statements of this hexagram (Family) must be read together with the statement of Hexagram Thirty-Eight, Estrangement in order to understand the meaning of this hexagram (Family) thoroughly.

The meaning of the statement of Hexagram Thirty-Eight, Estrangement is opposite to this hexagram (Family).

In this hexagram (Family), the upper trigram represents Wind and eldest daughter while the lower trigram represents Fire and younger daughter.

In this hexagram (Family), 2nd line and 4th line match up with their positions of the lines.

“Fire” is burning and heating upward.

Then, heat ascends and is dissipated by “Wind”.

In Hexagram Thirty-Eight, Estrangement, two girls who have difficult mindsets live together.

In Hexagram Thirty-Eight, Estrangement, the upper trigram represents Fire and younger daughter while the lower trigram represents Lake and youngest daughter.

Its 3rd line and 5th line do not match up with their positions.

“Lake” moistens the land.

The air above the land is heating up by Sun – “Fire”.

“Lake” and “Fire” go the opposite ways.

They go their own ways.

They will not interfere with each other.


In terms of the sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Family) follows Hexagram Thirty Six Smothered Light.

Hexagram Thirty Six Smothered Light has the meaning of chaos caused by war, troubled times and harm.

Once a person has been harmed and frustrated, he needs woman of his family to give him the feeling of warm and safety.

Therefore, this hexagram (Family) follows Hexagram Thirty Six Smothered Light.



[Summary of Hexagram Thirty Seven - Family]


Benefits virtuous females.


1st Line

Purging family tradition.

Building up family livelihood.

Preventing the family members becoming chaotic.

This can strictly prevent them from being promiscuous.

Establish a sound family tradition to avoid regret.


2nd Line

Females do not have special skills but being capable of handling all household chores.

Handling the daily diet of the family members without problems.

Being loyal and virtuous.

Good fortune.



3rd Line


The master of the family reproaches others to purge family tradition.

Therefore, women and children are feeling scared in the family.

Being too strict will harm other family members emotionally.

However, this can purge family tradition so it is going to be good fortune gradually.

On the contrary, if women and kids are frolic and not dignified, one will regret.



4th Line

Managing household chores properly.

Everything is going on the right track.

Thriving family livelihood.

Enjoying wealth.

Very good fortune.


5th Line

Everything goes smoothly in a harmonic family.

The emperor learns how to rule a country from managing a family.

Because a sound family livelihood is formed, one does not need to worry.

Because everyone trusts each other in a family, everything goes smoothly.

Good fortune.



6th Line

Being a good example with one’s own conduct.

One also looks after one’s conduct by self-examination.

Being credible and prestigious.

Family livelihood will be thriving.

Good fortune.


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