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This hexagram (Feeling) is Xian in Chinese.

Its meaning is feeling.

It is a real and sincere feeling from the heart.


The upper trigram of this hexagram (Feeling) is a young girl and the lower trigram of this hexagram (Feeling) is a young boy.

A young boy kneels down in front of a standing young girl.

He gives precedence out of courtesy to her.

All six lines are the perfect matches.

1st line matches up with 4th line.

2nd line matches up with 5th line.

3rd line matches up with 6th line.

They fall in love and feel for each other.

This is the sign of marriage.

Therefore, it is fortunate to marry her.


When a young boy falls in love with a young girl, they feel deeply.

She has a good impression of him and so does he.

Then, they eventually get married.

This is the beginning of the path of family.

Therefore, in the lower part of I-Ching, it starts with this hexagram (Feeling).

And then Hexagram Thirty-Two Constancy follows this hexagram (Feeling).

Hexagram Thirty-Two is Heng in Chinese meaning eternity.

It also represents the young boy and the young girl will are united and formed a stable family.


If one asks the question related to a relationship.

It is obvious that this hexagram (Feeling) is the good hexagram.

If one asks the question related to any events, this represents one has a response to the event in one’s mind.

Whatever it is a good or a bad response.

What a divinator is thinking in his mind is really happening in his life.


When a gentleman gets this hexagram (Feeling), the way to cope with it is to treat others sincerely and to empathize with others.

In this way, one can feel others and let others feel one’s feeling.

Based on the image of this hexagram (Feeling), it is Mountain (Stoppage) internally and is Lake (Happy) externally.

This implies one holds it and does not act rashly in one’s mind.

One treats others with kind and pleasant countenance.

This is the path of touching others.

Suggestions for someone who has this hexagram (Feeling) are to listen with an open and calm mind and to empathize with others.


The meaning of this hexagram (Feeling) in Chinese, Xian, is the same as the Chinese word Qin.

One of the meanings of Qin is to hash.

Therefore, this hexagram (Feeling) also implies an injury caused by stabbing.

A divinator who has got this hexagram (Feeling) should pay attention of a spill-blood disaster, the personal safety and avoid injuries.


[Summary of Hexagram Thirty-One – Feeling]


Everything goes smoothly.

It is better to be righteous and serene.

It is good fortune to get married with a girl.


The reason of good fortune to get married with a girl because a boy (the lower trigram of this hexagram-Feeling) stays below a girl (the upper trigram of this hexagram-Feeling).

1st, 2nd and 3rd lines of this boy match up with 4th, 5th and 6th lines of this girl.

A boy staying below a girl implies that when we step back and think, we can move others and everything will go smoothly.


1st Line

One’s thumbs react.

A thumb moves easily and is the tip of a hand.

This implies one acts rashly but hardly touches others.

This feeling is superficial and imaginary.



2nd Line

A lower leg reacts.

Lower legs are extremely active.

This represents one is too active.

Although one moves one’s superior, one will have calamities.

Uphold one’s principle.

Don’t act rashly.



3rd Line

Thighs follow the movement of lower legs.


One who is being a gentleman pleases villains and helps them to get much wealth.

Originally, one has his own principles and standpoints and be initiative.

However, one leaves the principles behind, following villains agreeing with them.

If one goes ahead with this attitude, one will cry over split milk.



4th Line

It is good fortune if one is sincere and steady.
If one is not steady, capricious, anxious and unstable, one will regret.

One cannot do things frankly and righteously.


5th Line

One’s spine reacts.

Everyone moves.

This line is calm and remains unmoved.

Going forward but one cannot touch others.

One is working at a high rank but doesn’t have ambitions.

One can avoid regret.

However, one cannot make great achievements.



6th Line

One’s month reacts.

One has a month but acts mindlessly.

One just speaks but does not take actions.

Do not believe in what one’s said.



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