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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty Nine - Hindered


The leg is lame and one cannot go forward.

One stops walking because there is danger ahead.


This hexagram (Hindered) in Chinese Jian means a lame person.

Its meaning is extended which is the event is obstructed and difficult to be implemented.

This hexagram (Hindered) has the meaning of difficulty.

One cannot go forward because there is danger ahead.

The images of this hexagram (Hindered) are stoppage internally and danger externally.

One stops as one sees danger and risks.

When it is the right time to stop, then one stops.

This is a wise move.


One realizes that one should cultivate oneself because one faces danger.

This would be worldly wise and play safe.

This hexagram (Hindered) is about a person who should be self cultivated deeply.

When one is living in a difficult situation, one cannot go forward.

Step back and cultivate oneself.

This is a wise move.


In this hexagram (Hindered), one has known that one should stop and cultivate oneself before danger has come.

This person has foresight.

On the contrary, one stops after knowing there is danger.

And then one asks another person for help.

One is lack of foresight which is ignorant.

Therefore, in Hexagram Four Youth (in Chinese Meng which means ignorant), it is dangerous internally and stoppage externally.


This hexagram (Hindered) is the hexagram of North East.

Therefore, there are disasters in North East.

On the contrary, the situation is favourable in South West.

If there is a sainted person or high and mighty person in South West, go and visit him.


This hexagram (Hindered) follows Hexagram Thirty Eight Estrangement.

In Hexagram Thirty Eight Estrangement, one has not managed the family properly so the family declines.

And then the family is not in harmony.

If the family lives in harmony, all affairs will prosper.

On the other hand, family discord leads to disasters.

This hexagram (Hindered) is the disaster caused by Hexagram Thirty Eight Estrangement.




[Summary of Hexagram Thirty Nine– Hindered]


Misfortune comes from North East but not comes from South West.

It is better to meet someone who is superior.

It is better to be silent and loyal.


The best direction of this hexagram (Hindered) is South West.

If one goes towards South West, one will obtain Zhong.

Zhong, in Chinese, represents 5th line of this hexagram (Hindered).

In its 5th line, there is an adamant emperor.

Therefore, it is better to meet a superior.

In this hexagram (Hindered), its upper trigram is Water and its lower trigram is Mountain.

It is the hexagram of North East.

There is misfortune in North East.

Therefore, it is a dead end if one goes towards the direction of North East.

It is better to meet a superior.

It will be successful if one goes to meet a superior.


1st Line

It is difficult to go forward.

Going back and one will obtain reputation.


In difficult time, it will be more dangerous if one insists to go forward.

However, if one steps back, one will obtain reputation.

It is suggested to keep conservative and not to be proactive.

It is better to keep stepping back and wait for the right time to go.



2nd Line


An emperor and a minister encounter difficult issues which are not caused by themselves.

To be down on one’s luck.

When there is a tremendous change in micro-environment, the emperor and the minister encounter difficulties.

Therefore, they cannot help each other.

The emperor is worrying and the minister is being insulted.

Although the minister does all he can to help the emperor, it is totally futile.

It is not the right time to help.

Therefore, there is no fault.



3rd Line


It is difficult to go forward.

It is better to come back.

Coming back and there will be a good news.


There are risks ahead and there are loyal ministers inside.

You are vigorous enough to go through the risky situation ahead, but someone obstructs you.

You are a talented person.

However, if you go forward, it will be more dangerous.

It is better to go back and stay.

And then discuss to formulate the best strategies with other ministers.


4th Line

It is difficult to go forward.

Stepping back and one will meet his alliance.


One is nearby the centre of authority, but one is not capable of clearing away of confusion, fostering what is right and settling the disasters.

However, if one goes back, uniting with other loyal ministers and talented people, one will have achievements.

It is good fortune to associate with talented people.



5th Line


In the most difficult time, a friend comes.


It is the most difficult time.

There will be many friends coming to help.

Because one is strong, one can control oneself.

Even though it is the most difficult time, one can unite with friends and relatives to settle all difficult issues.


6th Line


One comes to a dangerous spot in the most difficult time.

There is no one coming to help.

If one goes forward, it does not help to turn peril into safety.

However, there are many talented people in a place.

One will find a solution if one goes there to find the talented people to help.

It is the best time to visit a high ranking government official and follow him.

Good fortune.




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