I-Ching Hexagram Thirty Four, Great Vigor

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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty Four – Great Vigor


To be in the right and self-confident.


Powerful Yang energy.


There are three ways to explain this hexagram (Great Vigor).

These reflect different aspects of this hexagram (Great Vigor).

1.     Powerful Yang energy

2.     A severe conflict

3.     A severe injury


In I-Ching, Great indicates Yang energy.

Small indicates Yin energy.

Hexagram Twenty Eight Great Excess is similar to this hexagram (Great Vigor).

In Hexagram Twenty Eight Great Excess, 4 Yang lines are located in the middle of the hexagram.

It is like a person who seems to have a big belly, so it is called Great Excess.

This also means excess Yang energy.

Great Vigor means Yang energy is extremely strong.

In January (Hexagram Eleven Prospering), Yin energy and Yang energy reach the perfect equilibrium.

In February, there is a little bit more Yang energy. Therefore, it is Great Vigor.

In this hexagram (Great Vigor), the upper trigram is Thunder and the lower trigram is Heaven.

Thunder in sky is the sign of vigor and vibration.

The imposing manner is huge enough to awe one’s mind.


Because Yang energy is too powerful and the imposing manner is huge, one starts argue with others easily.

One will harm others in this case.


In terms of the sequence of hexagram, this hexagram (Great Vigor) follows Hexagram Thirty Three Withdrawal.

The trigrams of these two hexagrams are totally opposite.

In Hexagram Thirty Three Withdrawal, Yin energy is increasing moving in on Yang energy.

The path of villains is dominating and the path of gentlemen is disappearing.

The situation is totally opposite in this hexagram (Great Vigor).

It is Yang energy which is increasing and moving in on Yin energy.

The next stage is Hexagram Forty Three Decisiveness in which 5 Yang lines is moving in on 1 Yin line.

The response against the ossification of a society is manifested in Hexagram Thirty Three Withdrawal and this hexagram (Great Vigor).

Hexagram Thirty Two Constancy represents a stable society.

When it has been stable for a long period, it is inevitable to become ossified.

Hexagram Thirty Three Withdrawal describes fleeing is a type of solutions.

This hexagram (Great Vigor) states to thrust is a type of solutions.


A divinator who has got this hexagram (Great Vigor) has to do things rationally so that one can be right and in self-confident.

One has to avoid that one has the imposing manner and has irrational conversations.

Or one is acting rashly but not verifying the environmental factors.

Even though one can actualize the aforementioned points, one can reduce mistakes only.

One should be tactful in dealing with people which is missing in this hexagram (Great Vigor).


Good fortune will come if one can act calmly.

Secondly, one should be moderate and not going to extreme.

This can avoid mistakes and enhance harmony.



[Summary of Hexagram Thirty Four – Great Vigor]

Yang energy is thriving.

It is better to be calm and righteous so that one can be in right and self-confident.

When one can handle things virtuously, one’s behaviour must be conformity with etiquette and rationality.

If one’s standpoint is not strong, how can one be in right and self-confident.


1st Line


One is in right and self-confident at one’s toes.

It is misfortune to go to war.


One sees oneself to be in right and self-confident.

However, one is being rejected due to one’s imposing manners.

If one goes to war in with this attitude, one will be rejected.


2nd Line


Loyalty. Serenity.

Being virtuous and everything goes smoothly.

Although one is in right and self-confident, one is moderate and neutral.

Good fortune.


Good fortune will come if one have golden mean.

In this line, virtue is inside vigor (It is the middle line of the lower trigram of this hexagram, Great Vigor).

Therefore, it is good fortune.



3rd Line

Villains strike with force impulsively and courageously.

Gentlemen handle it with anxiety.

If one insists one’s principles, one will be in danger.

It is like an angry ram bumps in fences.

And then this ram is trapped.


Villains show their courage through imposing manners.

Gentlemen express their courage by persisting to maintain principles.


Now, you just like a barbarous ram bumping in fences because it has very firm horns.

Therefore, its horns get stuck and cannot go forward or backward.

One cannot remove obstacles in front of you but one is extremely exhausted afterwards.

Prevent to be harmed due to impulsive courage.



4th Line

Keeping calm and good fortune will come.

No regret.

Otherwise, one knocks down fences and the momentum is still there.

It damages the body of a car.

If the imposing manner is too strong, there is destruction and everything is a mess.

If one can maintain serenity, good fortune will come.

There is no regret.


Another explanation of this line is that fences are knocked down.

Obstacles and danger have been removed.

The momentum is still strong.

The axle of a car wheel is very strong so it can run a long journey.

Therefore, one can go forward bravely.


This line is external.

A ram is running outside.

It is the sign of fences being knocked down.



5th Line


A ram runs away in a vacant land.

It spends all its energy but cannot go on anymore.

However, there is no regret.


6th Line


In order to make a breakthrough, a ram bumps in fence with its horns.

It cannot get out or move.

There is no benefit to do so.


If one can learn the lesson from this action and learn to verify the environment first before taking actions, it is tough.

Then, good fortune will come.


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