I-Ching Hexagram Thirty Five, Advancing

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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty Five – Advancing


To make progress.

To rise in rank.


This hexagram (Advancing) in Chinese Jin means to move forward.

It also means a talented and capable person will be promoted and be able to see daylight.


In this hexagram (Advancing), the upper trigram is Fire whereas the lower trigram is Earth.

The Fire rises from the Earth.

It is a sign of sunrise.

Fire also represents intelligence, wisdom and talent.

When a talented person is outstanding, he or she will be promoted.

It is smooth inside and bright outside.

Therefore, one is meek in mind and looks smart.

In this case, one is adorable and will be put into an important position.

This hexagram (Advancing) is opposite to Hexagram Thirty-Six Smothered Light.

In Hexagram Thirty-Six Smothered Light, its upper trigram is Earth whereas its lower trigram is Fire.

Fire is covered by Earth.

Talented people are hidden.

It is the troubled time.


This hexagram (Advancing) follows the hexagrams of Thirty Three Withdrawal and Thirty Four Great Vigor.

In the hexagrams of Thirty Three Withdrawal and Thirty Four Great Vigor, it is the time talented people responding to the ossifying society (stated in Hexagram Thirty Two Constancy).

Therefore, people will flee and create conflicts.

This hexagram (Advancing) and Hexagram Thirty Six, Smothered Light reflect the result of these responses.

Or people can strike out of the ossifying society (stated in this hexagram, Advancing).

Or people are being murdered creating the upheavals of society (stated in Hexagram Thirty Six, Smothered Light).


The divinator who has got this hexagram (Advancing) is a talented person who will stand out conspicuously.

He will be invited by his superior to chat.


[Summary of Hexagram Thirty Five – Advancing]


To give gifts of many houses to healthy feudal barons.

Being invited for meetings three times a day.


1st Line

When everybody is being promoted, you are suspected and mistrusted due to your lower rank.

You therefore feel frustrated.

At the moment, you do not need to urgently ask others to trust you.

One should keep oneself clean and pure.

One is not put into an important position.

Why not open your mind and live comfortably?


This line has a lower rank.

This line matches up with 4th line which is ministers but are not gentlemen who have power.

The ministers cannot help and guide you.

Therefore, one can only wait for the right time silently.



2nd Line


An emperor is surrounded by villains who stop you to be promoted.

This makes you feeling helpless and worrying.

However, if one insists to be moderate and meek, one will be put into an important position one day as the emperor is wise.




3rd Line


One follows talented and capable people.

Therefore, one is accepted and recognized by the talented and capable people.

Regret is avoided.



4th Line


One has done something which is unpresentable.

It is similar to a mouse running in drainage channels.

When people are climbing up, one wants a free ride ascending with them.

One has an inappropriate position and standpoints.

Therefore, even though one is frank and righteous, one will be difficult to join them.


5th Line


One will never regret again.

One does not care gain and loss.

Do not worry and go forward.

Everything goes smoothly.

Do not care about gain and loss.

There will be celebration if one goes forward.



6th Line


This is the peak of promotion.

One asks troops to suppress and maintain the order of the city.

It is dangerous.

Finally, problems will be solved.

Therefore, it is good fortune.

There is no fault.

If one keeps using troops to maintain the order of the city, one will regret.


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