I-Ching Hexagram Thirty Eight, Estrangement

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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty Eight - Estrangement


Separation. Solitary. As different as the waters of the Ching and Wei.


This hexagram (Estrangement) means disparateness.

People treat one another as outsiders.

It is as different as the waters of the Ching and Wei.

They sleep in the same bed but have different dreams.

They walk their own ways.

They are speaking different languages.

All these situations are described in this hexagram (Estrangement).


The meaning of this hexagram (Estrangement) is opposite to Hexagram Thirty Seven Family.

This hexagram (Estrangement) is about two women treating each other as outsiders.

Hexagram Thirty Seven Family is about two women treating each other as family members.


In Hexagram Thirty Seven Family, eldest daughter and younger daughter can get together very well.

Its 2nd line and 4th line match up with their positions.

Its upper trigram represents Wind and eldest daughter while its lower trigram represents Fire and younger daughter.

In this hexagram (Estrangement), two women live together but they have different mindsets.

Its upper trigram represents Fire and younger daughter while its lower trigram represents Lake and youngest daughter.

Its 3rd line and 6th line do not match up with their positions.

“Lake” moistens the land underneath.

“Fire” heats up the air above “Lake”.

They go towards opposite directions.

They walk their own ways.

Two women live together but they think differently.

They do not get along because their different thinkings.


This hexagram (Estrangement) follows Hexagram Thirty Seven Family.

It states family members treat one another as outsiders after family has declined.

They will not care one another.


Therefore, this hexagram (Estrangement) clearly states an adversely result if one asks the questions related to love affairs.

It shows they will not get along and fight a cold war.

Trivial events may accomplish but it is not a big accomplishment.

It is because everyone is indisposed.

Therefore, it is important to manage the feelings of people.




[Summary of Hexagram Thirty Eight– Estrangement]

Trivial events.

Good fortune.

On the contrary, big projects will not be achieved due to disparateness.


This hexagram in Chinese Kui means disparateness.

People are not in harmony.

Trivial events can be achieved because of meekness and moderation.

This hexagram (Estrangement) is meek inside and astute outside.

Its 5th line which is the master of all lines has the virtue of meekness and astuteness.

Its 5th line matches up with 2nd line.

Therefore, it is good fortune for trivial events.



1st Line

Being disparate and solitary, one should not chase the others when they leave and one accepts the others when they come.

One should not insist on getting everything done.

When one loses a horse, do not chase and search it.

The horse will come back when the time is right.

When a wicked person comes, one does not reject to meet him to avoid faults.


When it is the time to be disparate and solitary, every event leads to be blamed whatever one does.

Therefore, one should not be too proactive.

One should be passive and go with the flow.

There is nothing called possibility or impossibility.

These can avoid faults and regrets.


2nd Line


During the time of disparateness and solitary, emperors and ministers can admire one another but they cannot meet officially in public.

They just meet secretly.

If superiors look for talented subordinates, they cannot invite them officially.

They need to search secretly.

It is the same for planning a project.



3rd Line

One try to move the cart back but the cow which pulls the cart insists on running forward.

Therefore, the cart does not stop.

One has gone through a corporal punishment.

One’s forehead has a tattoo and one’s noise is cut.

It is messy at the beginning but it is finished at the end.


4th Line

One is being isolated so one is extremely alone and cannot get any assistance.

However, one has met friends who have the same virtue.

Although both are alone, they associate with each other frankly and sincerely during the tough time.

Faults can be avoided at the end.



5th Line

There will be no regret.

An emperor eats delicious meat.

There will be no faults if one goes on.

It should be a good news.

In 2nd line of this hexagram (Estrangement), one meets the master in a secret tunnel.

Because the time is not right, the emperor meets the minister in a dark secret tunnel.

This line states the emperor and the minister eat together – the emperor who is compatible can accept others.

There will be a good news if the minister goes to meet the emperor.


6th Line

Being disparate and solitary, one has seen many strange events.

This leads one become more anxious.

Once, one sees a muddy pig (which implies dirty events).

Once, one sees a car which is full of ghosts (which implies the event is extremely strange and mysterious).

Therefore, one pulls a bowstring of a bow and releases a bowstring of a bow.

It is not burglars.

It is a person riding horse to get marry.

When it rains, it is good fortune (rains means every doubt has disappeared).


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