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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirty – Brilliance


Bright. Smart. Pretty.

This hexagram (Brilliance) in Chinese Li, has a meaning of dependency when it is called Fu Li in Chinese.

Li also represents Fire in nature.

Fire cannot make itself burning independently.

It has to be attached on something.

Fu Li also has another meaning – the beauty of being attached on things.

In each trigram of this hexagram (Brilliance), one yin line is embedded by two yang lines.

This means Yin energy is attached to Yang energy.


This hexagram (Brilliance) represents brilliance, beauty, astuteness and wisdom.

This hexagram (Brilliance) composes of two trigrams of Water.

It is not only astute but also astute.

It is not only beautiful but also beautiful.

If one is astute internally and externally, there may be a mistake of being too astute in trivial matters.

If one is beautiful internally and externally, there may be a deviation between flaunting and beauty.

It is important for a person who has the crucial morality of moderation and yieldingness


“It is fortune to raise a cow.”

Cattle are meek animals.

Cow which is female is very meek.

The divinator who has got this hexagram (Brilliance) cultivates the morality of yieldingness.

Good fortune.

In two trigrams of this hexagram (Brillian), main lines are yin located in the middle of each trigram.

This symbolizes the morality of yieldingness, moderation and justice.


As yin lines are located in the middle of each trigram in this hexagram (Brilliance), it is better to be loyal meaning straightness and calmness.

This means one has to walk on a wide and flat road.

One forbids adopting crooked ways.

Be careful when one flaunts one’s intelligence and handles thing archly.

A wise man can be ruined by his own wisdom.


The yin lines and yang lines of this hexagram (Brilliance) and Hexagram Twenty Nine, Pit are totally opposite.

This hexagram (Brilliance) follows Hexagram Twenty Nine, Pit.

When one has to escape from danger, one needs a light to guide.


This hexagram (Brilliance) is bright and it is the hexagram of north.

Therefore, ancient monarchies face north to rule their kingdoms.

Facing north also means facing brightness.


Hexagram Twenty Nine, Pit and this hexagram (Brilliance) are the end of the “upper” part of I-Ching.

There are two parts of I-Ching – upper and lower parts.

The upper part of I-Ching begins with Hexagram One Heaven and Hexagram Two Earth.

Heaven, Earth, Water and Fire form the development of natural laws.

It is ended with Hexagram Twenty Nine, Pit and this hexagram (Brilliance).

In the picture of Primitive Eight Trigrams, the position is fixed on Heaven and Earth.

In the Posterior Eight Trigrams, the position is fixed on Water and Fire.

Water and fire are the acquired parts of Heaven and Earth.


[Summary of Hexagram Thirty – Brilliance]

The beauty of being attached on things.

It is better to loyal and straight.

Everything goes smoothly.

It is fortunate to raise a cow.

When one’s behavior is proper, everything will go smoothly.

It is fortunate to nurture the attitude of yieldingness


2nd line and 5th line are the middle lines of upper and lower trigrams of this hexagram (Brilliance).

One yin line is embedded by two lines.

A Yin line representing a cow is embedded by yang line meaning raising a cow.

Two yin lines are located at the middle of the trigrams of this hexagram (Brilliance).

Therefore, it is better to be loyal, straight and clam.


Raising a cow is a metaphor of this hexagram (Brilliance).

Cattle are meek livestock.

A cow is a very meek livestock.

Therefore, it becomes the metaphor of cultivating yieldingness.


1st Line

Now it is a little bit complicated so one does not know what to do.

Therefore, one has to be cautious and careful which is similar to walking on a thin ice frozen on the surface of a lake.

This can avoid faults.


2nd Line

To be astute and to maintain moderation.

Associating with people yieldingly and handling things gracefully.

Good fortune.


Chinese word Haung Li means a moderate colour representing the morality of moderation.

2nd line is located in the middle of the lower trigram of this hexagram (Brilliance).

This line is yin position.

Therefore, it has the path of moderation.

It is important to be moderate.

Therefore, it represents good fortune.


3rd Line

It is the time of sunset.

This nature laws and this cycle cannot be changed normally.

Therefore, one can only be open and clear.


Why does one enjoys the sunset of one’s life?

One sings spontaneously.

Otherwise, one will die at old age sorrowing sighing.



4th Line

A fire is burning suddenly so one cannot response at once.

One has not put out the fire at front and it starts burning at the back.

The fire is blazing so one has no way to escape.

There is only one way – die.

There are dying embers.


Below this line, it is the lower trigram Fire of this Hexagram (Brilliance) representing a blazing fire.

It is the hottest point and it starts burning upward.

Therefore, in this line, the fire starts burning and the fire is blazing quickly.

Moderation is the most essential point in this hexagram (Brilliance).

However, in this line, the fire is burning vigorously and extremely.

This position makes one worries frequently.

This is talking about the fire starts suddenly.

Everything burns out completely and there are only dying embers left.

In the statement of this line, there is no message of misfortune.

However, the situation shows it is misfortune.


5th Line

One is encountering vigorous threats in the front and at the back.

This makes other worrying.

However, one can attach to and be supported by a monarchy.

Good fortune.

It is good fortune because one worries and maintains a lookout.

Moderation makes one having good fortune in this hexagram (Brilliance).

Although disasters will strike causing one crying

One is lamenting and feeling sad.

Being submissive becomes the best morality of moderation.

One sees through thing so one worries and maintains a lookout.

Therefore, one can turn peril into safety and turn danger into peace.

It turns into good fortune.


6th Line

A monarchy puts one into an important position.

One goes to war to suppress a rebellion.

Good news is coming soon.

One can suppress the leader of rebellion and subdue heretical people.




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