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I-Ching-Hexagram Thirteen - Kindred


To be friendly with others.

To be in alliance with others.


The picture of this hexagram (Kindred) is that one is kind intrinsically and vigorous extrinsically.

This represents that the one, who has got this hexagram, is very clever and handling things energetically so one gets along with others very well.

This hexagram (Kindred) has one yin line (2nd line) is located in between five yang lines.

This means yang energy is in alliance with yin energy.

The inferior (yin line of 2nd line) is recognized and accepted by a gentleman (yang line of 5th line) and the inferior is in alliance with the gentleman.

Therefore, the name of this hexagram is called kindred.


In terms of the sequence of the hexagrams, it forms the whole cycle when things are changing from the Hexagram Eleven Prospering to the Hexagram Twelve Clogging.

The Hexagram Eleven Prospering reflects that the world is in peace whereas the Hexagram Twelve Clogging shows a country is changing from thriving to declining.

When it is declining, it is chaotic.  There are many villains and gentlemen have gone.

Revolving from the stage of the Hexagram Twelve Clogging to the stage of the Hexagram Eleven Prospering, gentlemen are in alliance with inferiors.

It is the time when the energy of yin and yang are interflowed.

However, the process is not going smoothly as 5 yang lines compete to get 1 yin line.

This is the sign of chaos.


The one who has got this hexagram (Kindred) should be selfless, fair, not take sides, humble, not do so much and not do so little.

This is the virtue of the gentleman to accept the inferior.

In the process of forging an alliance, if one cannot distinguish between black and white, and cannot see the full picture, one will lose in a conflict.

This is something one should avoid.


 [Summary of Hexagram Thirteenth -Kindred]

Everything goes smoothly if one is in alliance with others in the field.

One can cross the river and get rid of danger.

This situation is favourable for a gentleman to be righteous.


1st Line

It is the beginning of this hexagram (Kindred).

One can travel and meet many nice friends as one is selfless.

Hence, there is no mistake.


2nd Line

One has a strong bias and one is mean if one blindly follows the leader in their alliance.

This hexagram (Kindred) reminds one to be selfless and be friendly with others.

If one blindly follows one leader, one will reject others.

Therefore, one will not be generous.


In this hexagram (Kindred), the 2nd line is the master and it is how the name of this hexagram comes.

As a whole, this hexagram (Kindred) composes of two trigrams – sky and fire and 2nd line matches up with 5th line.

Only 2nd line is in alliance with 5th line, therefore, 3rd line is fighting against 4th line.

They fight because one has a strong bias.

On the contrary, if one is generous and loves others like loving oneself, everything will go smoothly.


3rd Line


One is too strong and does not focus on one’s own duties because one becomes a jealous person when people come together friendly.

One is hiding in tussocks waiting for a chance to do a sneak attack but there is no such chance.

One is climbing up to the peak to take advantage of it but others are capable, strong and belong to high ranks.

Therefore, one has been waiting for three years and there is no change to do a sneak attack.


Although 2nd line and 5th line are in alliance, the 3rd line and the 4th line start sneak attacks.

The 3rd line is hiding in tussocks waiting for a chance to do a sneak attack but there is no such chance.

The 4th line is climbing over the wall to attack but the conscience guides the 4th line to stop.

Therefore, the 4th line does not attack at the end.


4th Line


One is climbing over the wall to attack but one is thinking it is not right to do it.

After contemplation, one’s conscience makes one to stop and uphold one’s principle.

At the end, one does not attack.

This is a sign of good luck.


5th Line

Originally, this hexagram shows all people are working together as a team.

However, one cries when another person speaks against one every time.

As one has a high rank and authority, one is able to stop this with a strong tactic.

At the end, one is satisfied laughing.

Finally, one is strong enough to solve this situation by asking armies going to war and meet the person with whom one needs to be in alliance.


As there are obstacles (the 3rd line and the 4th line start sneak attacks), one is crying at the beginning.

Finally, when one meets the person with whom one needs to be in alliance, one is laughing.


6th Line


One is staying in the field and there is no alliance.

Because one’s goal is different from others, one is feeling lonely and there is no person one can associate with.

Therefore, one does not regret.


In this hexagram (Kindred), 4 yang lines compete to get 1 yin line.

Only the yang line of 6th line is out of competition.

Therefore, one is staying in the field and there is no alliance.

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