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I-Ching-Hexagram Ten - Walking


Carrying out courtesy.

Carrying out etiquette and manners.

It is like walking across a thin ice frozen on the top of a lake.

It is better to be extremely careful.


The questioner who has got this hexagram must be careful because staying next to this person is like sleeping next to a tiger.

Handling things based on the rules.

Otherwise, someday, it is like the tiger which is unhappy turning its head around to bite you and one turns hostile to you suddenly.

Likely would there be a disaster.


The hexagram Ten – Walking in Chinese “Lu” means shoes.

This implies to perform and to implement.

In terms of morality, it means to perform as one has promised.

This is called etiquette and manners.

Therefore, “Lu” also means etiquette and manners here.


Because of respecting someone at a higher position, one has to follow him happily.

The questioner who has got this hexagram has a calm mind and follows etiquette strictly.

Doing everything based on the rules.

Be careful that there is a rigid hierarchy between the higher ranks and the lower ranks.

One is better not to cross the line to avoid others turning hostile like an unhappy tiger biting you.

The situation is very dangerous and risky.

If one is very carefully and don’t let the tiger biting you, everything will run smoothly.

The hexagram is the symbol of danger as it has one yin line (3rd line) on top of two yang lines (1st line & 2nd line).

Therefore, it is better to be happy (which is the meaning of the lower trigram) to face the ones of higher ranks represented by the yang lines of the 4th, 5th and 6th lines.


The hexagram Ten, Walking, is paired with the hexagram Nine, Smallness Tames.

It follows after the hexagram Six, Armies and the hexagram, Seven, Joining.

In the hexagram, Seven, Joining, people are gathering together so there is a problem of educating talented elites.

In the hexagram, Nine, Smallness Tames, the talented elites are being educated.

In this hexagram, it is the time to teach people etiquettes and manners, let people learning the system, the hierarchy, the standard and the direction of the manners.


[Summary of Hexagram Ten-Walking]

Treading on the tail of the tiger which does not bite you.

The tiger does not bite you because you are so careful and follow its ideals happily.

Therefore, it does not bit you.


1st Line


Come and go alone.

To conduct oneself virtuously.

For the one who does not have ranks does not need to follow the etiquette of official circles.

Just follows one’s own type of etiquette and conduct oneself virtuously.

Then, there will be no faults.


2nd Line

The road is flat and broad.

For common people who are low profile and are nameless hermits, they are better be silent.

Not going too far nor get to close.

Not being confused.

Then everything will go smoothly.

The imprisoned one will be released due to one’s sinless.



3rd Line


Weak eyes can see things but things are not clearly seen.

A lame person can walk but how far can he or she walk?

A general who is only good at battling wants to overthrown the king.

It means to be fail at the end.

One has crossed the line and coerces the king to give up his throne.

It is like treading on a tiger which turning its head and bite.


4th Line


One knows one has trodden a tiger, alerts and fears.

Therefore, one is pacing every step carefully.

Risk is turned into safety.

This hexagram is about feeling fear and become more watchful.

When one understand the hierarchy of a courtier and a king and being watchful all the time, one will be safe even though one has trodden a tiger.


5th Line


This hexagram is about abstaining from being complacent, being arrogant, not knowing the status between a courtier and a king and crossing the line.

This 5th line is in a high rank.

Although one is not crossing the line, one is too vigorous and decisive.

Therefore, this creates danger.

There is a risk of harming one’s legs.


6th Line


It is the last stage of this hexagram.

It is the time to review what one has done in past and evaluate one’s strength and weakness.

Then, one learns others’ strength and etiquette by imitation.

Everything will goes smoothly.

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