I-Ching Hexagram Sixty-Three, Already ACross

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I-Ching-Hexagram Sixty Three – Already Across


Everything is ready.

Conditions have appeared.

Water and Fire are in harmony.


This hexagram is called Already Across because everything is in the right position.

This is the role model of a perfect hexagram.


In general, in this hexagram (Already Across), all Yang lines and Yin lines are in the Yang and Yin positions respectively.

In this hexagram (Already Across), 1st line matches up with 4th line and 2nd line matches up with 5th line.

In this hexagram (Already Across), 2nd line & 5th line are in the right positions because they are both the middle lines of the trigrams.

It is also because Yang line is on top of 2nd line and Yin line is on top of 5th line.


However, it is very dangerous to be too perfect like this hexagram (Already Across).

This implies things will be on the downgrade in future.

If a questioner has got this hexagram (Already Across), he or she should prepare for the worst and avoid being on the downgrade.

The picture of this hexagram is there is water outside a log fire.

There is danger in front.

One shall not secure in the knowledge that one has strong backing because one has favourable conditions.

One shall take precautions before disasters have come.


In this hexagram (Already Across), its upper trigram is Water whereas its lower trigram is Fire.

Fire is burning upward and Water is moistening downward.

This is the sign of Fire meeting Water.

That is the situation of little tranquility.


This hexagram (Already Across) follows Hexagram Sixty Two Small Crossing.

The Yin and Yang lines and the trigrams of this hexagram (Already Across) are totally opposite to Hexagram Sixty Four Not Yet Across.

This hexagram (Already Across) and Hexagram Sixty Four Not Yet Across are the last 2 hexagrams.

This hexagram (Already Across) is not the last hexagram because it states a perfect ending.

However, things are changing from time to time.

There are no beginning and no ending.

Therefore, Hexagram Sixty Four Not Yet Across states the end of this cycle is the beginning of another cycle.


Generally, this hexagram (Already Across) states how to be successful for a long time.

Being successful for a long time is a challenge.



[Summary of Hexagram Sixty Three – Already Across]


Already Across.

Small achievements.

It is better to be righteous.

Happy beginning. Chaotic ending.

Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

This hexagram (Already Across) shows all conditions are available and it is a perfect situation.

Things will be on the downgrade afterwards.

When this situation become extreme, it become the chaotic situation stated in Hexagram Sixty Four Not Yet Across.



1st Line

A car gets stuck and cannot move forward.

The tail of a fox is wet so it does not move quickly.

However, one is cautious and walks every step carefully.

Therefore, there is no fault.



2nd Line

A woman has lost her accessories.

The accessories will be returned to her in 7 days.

Therefore, there is no need to search the lost accessories.



3rd Line


Gao Zhong emperor went to war to capture a country in the west.

There were many obstacles so the troop spent all their money and the soldiers were tired.

Therefore, it took 3 years to conquer the country.

Gao Zhong emperor who was an astute person took a long time to conquer a country.

Therefore, a common person cannot achieve this task.

He is better to concentrate on doing internal operation and should not go to war.


4th Line

One is traveling abroad wearing old clothes.

However, thieves still come to rob him.

Therefore, he has to be cautious every day.


In this hexagram (Already Across), this line follows 3rd line about Gao Zhong emperor who went to war to capture a country in the west.

It took him 3 years to conquer the country so soldiers were very exhausted and their clothes had holes.

However, troops of the country in the west sneak attacked them and stole their food.

Therefore, they had to be cautious every day.


5th Line

A village in the east killed a cow for a sacrificial rite but it is an out-dated method and it is a waste.

It is better to follow a village in the west which carries out simple rites and has been blessed by god.


This is almost the end of this hexagram (Already Across).

It is better to be simple and not to waste resources.

A sacrificial rite in summer is better to be simple and people will still be blessed by god.

The questioner who has got this hexagram (Already Across) should use simple methods, seize the time and be sincere.



6th Line

A young fox was died while crossing a river.



One is too satisfied with what one has so one does not know it is the end of this hexagram (Already Across).

The current situation will be changed into chaos.

It is like a person who does not know there are rapids in front of him crosses the river without a canoe.

It is dangerous and tough.


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