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I-Ching-Hexagram Sixty – Regulation




To stop before going too far.


This hexagram (Regulation) means to regulate, to adjust and to stop before going too far.

In this hexagram (Regulation), its upper hexagram is Water and its lower hexagram is Lake.

Lake is a place to store water.

If Water is on top of Lake, water in this lake is overflowing.

Therefore, it should be controlled, adjusted and stopped before going too far.

It is like a person holding a bowl of full of water.

It is a problem to hold the bowl perfectly to keep the water in the bowl.

One cannot stay still and cannot move too much when holding the bowl.

This is the art of regulation.


It is happiness internally and adventure externally.

Taking the risk happily.

This is the art of regulation.


This hexagram (Regulation) follows Hexagram Fifty Nine Spreading.

The trigrams of both hexagrams are totally opposite.

Hexagram Fifty Nine Spreading is about becoming slack and dispersions.

This hexagram is the opposite of Hexagram Fifty Nine Spreading.

This hexagram is about to stop becoming slack before going too far.


If a questioner has got this hexagram (Regulation), one shall stop before going too far.

However, one shall not overregulate.

Otherwise, it becomes suffering.

This is the path of moderation.

If one overregulates too much, one will become mean and it is a dead end.

One cannot overregulate for a long time.


The long-lasting path of regulation is to establish a system and rules which others can follow.



[Summary of Hexagram Sixty – Regulation]


Everything goes smoothly.

If regulation makes one suffers, one shall not persist to do so.

It is better to stop before going too far.

It is better not to be too strict.


Overregulation becomes stinginess.

Stinginess is not feasible.

Overregulation creates loss and can harm people.



1st Line

Not going out of home.

No fault.


There are obstacles so people cannot go forward.

There is always a right time to do something.

If there are obstacles, one shall not go out and shall stay at home.

Simplify everything.

Be simple and retreat.

Faults can be avoided.


There are risks related to water.

Mountains block water and represent doors.

Therefore, this line states one shall stay at home

2nd line of this hexagram states one shall not go out.

Both lines describe one shall not go out.

This line matches up with 4th line of this hexagram.

If one goes out, one will have risks related to water.

There is no fault if one does not go out because one understands when is the right time to go and stay.


2nd Line

Not going out of home.



External danger is unrelated to oneself.

Therefore, one shall go out of home.

However, one has not gone out of home and overregulates oneself.



In this hexagram (Regulation), 1st line and this line states one shall not go out.

It is no fault in 1st line but it is misfortune in this line if one does not go out.

In 1st line, danger is related to oneself, so one shall avoid going out.

However, in 2nd line, danger is unrelated to oneself and one stays at home.

In addition, Yang line of 3rd line is on top of Yin line of this line in this hexagram (Regulation).

Therefore, one shall go out but one does not.

It is not the right time to stay at home.




3rd Line

Not regulate. One cries. No fault.


One does not know one shall regulate.

Therefore, one regrets.

It is the time to regulate but one spends much money and indulges oneself in desire.

It is out of control.

It makes oneself walking towards a dead end.

Therefore, one regrets and sighs.


This line is the peak of happiness.

This line is the Yang position which has a Yin line so it is not a right position.

The Yin line of this line is on top of Yang line of the 2nd line in this hexagram (Regulation).


It is the time to control but one does not control.

Therefore, extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow.



4th Line

One keeps control.

Everything goes smoothly.

One can bear the control of one’s superior and follow the superior’s orders.

Everything goes smoothly.


This line is the right position because it is a Yin line located in a Yin position.

Although one has a lot of worries, but one controls oneself safely.

Therefore, everything goes smoothly.



5th Line

One accepts to control and likes to control.

Good fortune.

One will succeed if one goes forward.

This is the master of regulation.

In this hexagram (Regulation), other lines states about being controlled.

This line states one control others.

Others ask one for help.

Therefore, one will be rewarded if one goes to help.



6th Line

Working hard to control.

It is misfortune if one persists.

Regrets can be avoided.


This line is the peak and the last line of this hexagram (Regulation).

However, one is over control.

In addition, the Yin line of this line is on top of the Yang line of 5th line in this hexagram (Regulation).

Therefore, it is misfortune.

One who suffers from controlling will walk towards a dead end.



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