I-Ching Hexagram Sixty-One, Confidence Within

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I-Ching-Hexagram Sixty One – Confidence Within


Credibility. Honesty. Reliability.

Have a humble mind.

Express honestly.


This hexagram (Confidence Within) in Chinese is Zhong Fu.

The meanings of Fu are credibility and reliability.

There are 2 meanings of Zhong Fu.

The first meaning is sincerity (Zhong) and credibility (Fu).

The second meaning is credibility comes from the bottom of one’s heart.


The middle of this hexagram (Confidence Within) is 2 Yin lines and the other lines are Yang lines.

Therefore, it represents one has a humble mind and express one’s honesty externally.


In this hexagram (Confidence Within), it is happiness internally and it is a gradual progress externally.

This means a gentleman shall influence others with sincerity.


In this hexagram (Confidence Within), its lower trigram is Lake and its upper trigram means Wood.

This wood is floating on a lake.

It represents a ship which is made of wood and is empty inside.

When one is humble, one can help others.

It is similar to helping people crossing the river and getting out of danger.


This hexagram (Confidence Within) follows Hexagram Sixty Regulation.

It is because one will be trusted after having controlled (Regulation) oneself.


The trigrams of this hexagram (Confidence Within) and Hexagram Sixty Two Small Crossing are totally opposite.

Every line of both hexagrams is totally opposite too.

In this hexagram (Confidence Within), one has a humble mind and express one’s honesty externally.

One will influence others with sincerity.

In Hexagram Sixty Two Small Crossing, one looks impractical but one has got a practical mind.

One will take actions based on one’s definite opinions.


Fu (One of the Chinese words of this hexagram, Confidence With) also means hatching.

Zhong Fu means an egg is hatching.

It implies believing.

In Hexagram Sixty Two Small Crossing, the bird has come out from the egg.

The bird has light features outside and a firm body inside.


The questioner who has got this hexagram (Confidence Within) will have many obstacles.

The danger has been hidden but one can get over them if one is humble, honest and practical.

One who is humble, honest and practical will have good reputation and can influence others gradually.


[Summary of Hexagram Sixty One – Confidence Within]


Sacrificial offerings such as fishes and pigs are simple but they bring good fortune.

It is better to cross the river and keep righteous.


Fishes and pigs are simple and invaluable sacrificial offerings in sacrificial rites.

However, sincerity is the most important thing in sacrificial rites.

Therefore, it is good fortune even though the sacrificial offerings are simple

Crossing the river means taking risks.  One is better to take risks.

This hexagram (Confidence Within) picturizes a ship, so one can cross the river by this ship and get out of risks.



1st Line

One will be lucky if one concentrates.

No concentration creates worries.


One has good fortune if one is happy and free.

When one concentrates, one adjusts to the environment.

Therefore, one can be happy and free.

The critical point of this hexagram (Confidence Within) is sincerity.

If one does not concentrate, others will worry.



2nd Line

If one is sincere, others will agree with him.

Hens communicate with their chicks through telepathy.

When chicks are clucking far away from the hens, the hens know what is going on with the chicks.

One always shares his bottles of good wines with friends.

Therefore, one is not alone and has many friends.



3rd Line

One is not working at the right position.

One creates enemies so one does not feel comfortable either one is standing or sitting.

One does not know whether one shall attack or not.

This makes one emotionally unstable.

One does not know whether one shall sing or cry.


4th Line

It becomes a full moon.

One of the horses which pull the cart has run away.

No faults.


5th Line

They treat each other sincerely.

They trust each other.

Therefore, they are on the same wavelength.

An emperor and ministries are credible so they have created achievements.


6th Line

It is similar to a hen flying in the sky.

If one insists, one will fail.

One treats the abnormal situation as a normal situation.

If one insists thinking this way, misfortune will come.


This line is the peak of this hexagram (Confidence Within).

One has gone too far.

A hen cannot fly but it flies in the sky now.

This situation is abnormal and does not last long.

If one perceives this situation as a normal situation, misfortune will definitely come.



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