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I-Ching-Hexagram Sixteen – Delight

Comfort and pleasure.


Spring has come.

Everything on earth is thriving.

Doing things yieldingly.

When one goes with the flow, one will finish tasks happily.

It is submissive inside and as active as thunders outside.

It is thundering on the ground implying submissive movement.

When one goes with the flow, things will be complete naturally.

On the contrary, in the Hexagram thirty-four, Great Vigor, it is vigorous inside and moving like thunder outside.

Because of moving vigorously, there will be conflicts in the Hexagram thirty-four, Great vigor.


In this hexagram (Delight), one yang line is leading five yin lines.

If 1st line is yang, it is the beginning of recovery and the energy of yang is coming back.

If 2nd line is yang, yang line is surrounded by water and the yang line represents the general.  Therefore, it forms Hexagram Seven, Armies.

If 3rd line is yang, the mountain is located under the ground level representing the character of humbleness.

If 4th line is yang, this yang energy is staying above the ground representing thunder is on the ground.

Thunders in the sky shows spring is coming.

Therefore, this hexagram (Delight) implies everything on earth is thriving and it is the right time for ancient people to promote virtue.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, the Hexagram Fifteenth Humility is paired this hexagram (Delight).

This hexagram follows the Hexagram Thirteenth, Kindred and Hexagram Fourteenth, Great Holdings.

Hexagrams Kindred and Great Holdings show the king creates peace and wealth for the people after chaos has vanished.

Firstly, one should uphold his humbleness.

Then, one nurtures one’s mind with music and recreations (in this hexagram (Delight)).


It shows the development cycle of a country for hexagrams before Hexagram Eleven Prospering and Hexagram Twelve Clogging.

A country goes through the stages from an establishment to downfall quickly.

At the beginning, the system of a country is very simple.

In the stage of Hexagram Nine, Smallness Tames, a country nurtures many talented elites.

In the stage of Hexagram Ten, Walking, a country emphasizes on priority in rank.

After Hexagram Thirteenth Kindred and Hexagram Fourteenth Great Holdings, there is a fundamental system and perfect measures in a country.

In Hexagram Fifteenth Humility, an emperor starts paying attention on virtue, a self cultivation and influences people through the role model of emperor’s behavior.

In this hexagram (Delight), people are educated through music and recreations.


In Hexagram Ten Walking, it is important to understand priority in rank because different etiquette is performed for people of different ranks.

Therefore, one should avoid crossing the line and fail to understand priority in rank.

Good fortune will come if one is cautious and respects people.

In this hexagram (Delight), it emphasizes on harmony. 

Therefore, it is crucial to listen to people and avoid losing control of one’s behavior.



[Summary of Hexagram Sixteenth – Delight]


It is a good time to gather more vassals and assign armies to go to war.


One is determinant to take actions supported by people.

Therefore, one can gather more vassals and assign armies to go to war.


Thunder appears on the ground and everything on the earth is shaking implying that it is happy.

This inspires one to nurture virtue through music and recreations and dedicate them to the ancestors and deities.



1st Line


One is self-assured for being loved so one is playing endlessly.


One should abstain from unlimited recreations.

This line is the beginning of recreations.

At the beginning, one does not control oneself so one is playing all the time.


1st line and 4th line are the masters of this hexagram (Delight).

1st line matches up with the only yang line (4th line).

1st line is being spoiled so it has gone too far.

Therefore, misfortune will come.



2nd Line


One is upholding one’s virtue and directions.

One will no longer indulge in happiness caused by material desire.

Take action when there are opportunities and good fortune will come


2nd line is located between 1st line and 3rd line.

1st line is paired with 4th line.

3rd line matches up with 4th line because they are next to each other.

1st line and 3rd line are intemperate because of the relationship with 4th line and they indulge in recreations and pleasure so misfortune will come.

Only 2nd line is staying in between 1st line and 3rd line.

One is as steady as a stone so one will control oneself when playing.

Therefore, one stops playing in a day and resume one’s calmness.  Good fortune.


3rd Line

One approaches ministers who have power to influence other and takes advantage of their power.

Therefore, one does not realize one’s position and capability.

One tries one’s best to please bigwigs to enjoy comfortable and pleasurable life.

However, one indulges in such life and does not correct one’s errors.

At the end, one will repent.

(If one realizes one’s faults and corrects one’s errors, good fortune will come. Otherwise, misfortune will come)


4th Line


A popular leader is supported and loved by a group of people.

Therefore, when this leader is moving, those people will follow.

Because one is nearby the king and one is not the king, one is suspecting and worrying all the time.

However, one should not be suspecting their support.

These supporters will be gathering because of you.


5th Line


One has got sickness due to anxiety and the sickness is not fatal.

It is like the downfall of Zhou dynasty.

The Zhou’s royal family becomes a mere figurehead and cannot take charge of powerful vassals.

However, it has the rank and does not come to an end.


5th line is a meek person who occupies a commanding height position.

The ministers have got power and common people follow the leader of 4th line.

4th line goes against 5th line so there is anxiety.



6th Line


This is the end of comfortable and pleasurable life.

One has heartily sought pleasure and made merry.

One has to be careful that this extreme pleasure is followed by sorrow.

When the comfortable and pleasure life end, one should correct one’s errors.

This can avoid faults.

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