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I-Ching-Hexagram Six - Dispute


Lawsuits. Arguments. Disputes.

Propitious events come first, and ominous events will come second.

It is better to give up one’s persistence.


Hexagram Six, Dispute, composes of two trigrams, Sky (the upper trigram) and Water (the lower trigram).

This represents it is the risk of flooding inside and it is vigorous outside.

It symbolizes the thinking of a person who has a risky idea and wants to win unyieldingly.

One upholds the risky idea and acts wilfully.

Therefore, one will argue with others.


The two trigrams also imply a superior forces a subordinate vigorously (Sky) and the subordinate reacts with dangerous (Water) behavior.

It also means hot vapour stays in the sky and water condenses failing on the ground.

Therefore, sky and water are both going into opposite directions.

To solve a problem, the cause must be found.


This hexagram Six, Dispute, is the hexagram of impermanence. 

One may have disasters or good fortune.

Disasters may come after good fortune or good fortune is followed by disasters.

If one has favourable factors at the beginning of a dispute, one will incur hatred with others.

Therefore, dangerous ideals will be increased leading to accumulating more hatred with others.

The happiness of victory will not last longer.

On the contrary, one does not have favourable factors to win so one will forgo persisting one’s ideas.

Therefore, one will not argue with others and will have good fortune at the end.


Let go of persistence and step back are the best strategies.


The hexagram Six, Dispute, is the opposite to the hexagram Five, Waiting.

It is following the hexagram Three, Spouting and the hexagram Four, Youth.

Hexagram Three, Spouting, is the beginning of civilization.

Hexagram Four, Youth, is the stage that people start learning how to fish forming a way of diets.

Hexagram Six, Dispute, is the stage that people argue because of different opinions about diets.

[Summary of Hexagram Six- Dispute]

Be honest and be capable of enduring any pain.

Maintain the balance and then good result will come.

Otherwise, getting out of control about the dispute will ruin everything.

It is better to find a master to mediate and not to take risks –this implies one is getting a lawyer to suit and to mediate.



1st Line


Although one is arguing with others, one’s character is meek.

Hence, one is unwilling to argue with others and this dispute will not last long.

This is a small dispute but it will be solved at the end.



2nd Line


The antagonist has authority and power, therefore, one will fail to suit.

Because it is impossible to win this lawsuit, one escapes and flees to one’s home town.

There are about three hundred people in the town but they can protect one to avoid a calamity.



3rd Line


Because of being protected by ancient ancestors, one has got a job and salary to pay for one’s living expenses.

If one can work hard and be silent, one will be have good luck or will work for a king.

However, one has no achievements.



4th Line


One knows that he or she will not win in this lawsuit, so one improves and corrects one’s mistakes.

One orders to stop suiting others and return to an original state.

Being silent and honest, and then everything will be settled.



5th Line


Because one is decisive and rational, one handles cases fairly without taking sides.

Even though there are disputes, one can handle them justly.

Therefore, good fortune will come.


6th Line


Although one wins in the lawsuit and gains many benefits, one is going away from the right path.

Therefore, these benefits do not last long.

In future, one will lose more than one possesses now.


One may be assigned with higher salary and a higher rank but one’s rank will be lowered three times in one day.


6th line of hexagram six, Dispute, is Yang but the situation is Yin.

Therefore, unlucky will come.

Although one wins in the lawsuit but it is an immortal lawsuit.

Therefore, victory does not last long and the position will be terminated.

People will not respect someone who gains a rank through a dispute.

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