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I-Ching-Hexagram Seven - Armies


A general leads numbers of armies to war.

This general has got many responsibilities and more anxiety.


If a questioner who gets this divinatory symbol, this means the case is very complicated and the responsibilities are enormous.

Therefore, it makes others worrying.


In this hexagram Seven – Armies, the upper trigram is earth and the lower trigram is water.

It represents it is a dangerous case but it can be handled yieldingly.

It also implies a meek monarch orders a vigorous general to war.

It is a sign of going to war.


The case which the questioner has asked will mostly make the questioner worry.

If the case which the questioner has asked is related to human relationships, it is better to choose someone who is older, prudent and experienced.

Then, the case will be settled successfully.

On the contrary, if someone who is young and inexperienced is chosen to handle the case, this will likely ruin the whole project.


The hexagram Seven – Armies and the hexagram Eight – Joining are a pair of hexagrams.

This hexagram Seven – Armies follows the hexagram Five – Waiting and the hexagram Six – Dispute.

Because there is a “Dispute” between two countries, it is “Waiting” for gathering enough “Armies” led by a general to war.



[Summary of Hexagram Seven- Armies]


There is a righteousness reason to war.

Armies are led by a prudent and experienced elderly so positive results will come without faults.



1st Line


When one is leading armies to war, armies must have good discipline and must adhere to military rules.

If there is no discipline, the armies will not be strong enough.


2nd Line


The general who leads the armies is full of good fortune and has got an important mission.

Therefore, the monarch has put the general into an important position.


3rd Line


The armies are defeated and may be dead totally.


4th Line


It has been estimated that there is no chance to win so the armies retreat to keep all armies.

Moving back is very common in wars.

Although there is no victory, there will be no regret which may be caused by going to war defeating at the end.


5th Line


When enemies invade like many birds eating vegetables on a field, the soldiers should fend off and expel the enemies.

It is better that the armies are lead by an experienced general.

If the armies are lead by a younger general or a junior general, the armies may be defeated without a survivor.

If the armies do not fend off and hide, they are awaiting death.


The message of this line makes one worry because there is no good fortune whether the armies fend off or hide and wait.

Even though the armies are lead by an experienced general, faults can be avoided.

However, it is not a total victory.


6th Line


The war has ended.

It is the time that monarch rewards anyone who has a remarkable achievement in the war establishing the country.

Villains can be rewards but cannot be assigned titles of nobility.

Otherwise, villains will jeopardize the country.

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