I-Ching Hexagram One, Heaven

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Be vigorous and unyielding.

Be flexiable.


This hexagram composes of two “Yang” trigrams.

Yang implies positive things e.g. strong, smart.

When there are two Yang trigrams, this implies there is too much energy of Yang meaning e.g. tough, stern.


If a questioner who gets this divinatory symbol, he or she should be flexible and revise the action plan based on the current situation.


Dragons are the image of this divinatory symbol because in myth, dragons can change from small to big and from short to long.

In spring, they fly in the sky whereas in autumn, they swim in lakes. 

It also used to describe ones who are as vigorous and unyielding as leaders and heroes.


Therefore, this divinatory symbol suggests he or she should be vigorous and unyielding like heroes and leaders.

It suggests the questioner to be flexible and to change rather than to be stubborn and to persist one’s opinions.


Dragons are used to express the meaning of this hexagram.

Dragons are changed and have different behavior in different situations.

One should be low profile and hide (if the specific line is 1st Line).

One should be get out and ask for help (if the specific line is 2nd Line).


If one has got this Hexagram - Heaven, one will have unlimited power of creativity.

It is not the matter of capabilities. It is the matter of time.

When one is moral and wait, one will complete a task at the end.


[Summary of Hexagram One – Heaven]

Things will go smoothly.

It is better to be quiet and persist.


1st Line

Like a hidden dragon, it is the time to hide and prepare.  Wait for the right moment. Don’t rush.


2nd Line

A dragon appears on a field symbolize that there is a cure now. It is better to be proactive and meet someone who always helps you to solve issues successfully or meet a sainted like person.


3rd Line

Working so hard everyday.  There is no house to live happily and no higher position that one can work with respect and joy (There are full of different issues and obstacles around.) Therefore, one is working hard for the whole day and feeling worry.  Working in a tough situation can avoid faults.


4th Line

A dragon is still in the water, getting too close to the centre of authority so it is under great stress.

Cannot go up or down but at the moment, one tries to go up, working hard to get promotion.  One is in a dilemma.


5th Line

Like a flying dragon in the sky.  One is very talent and respected by others.  One is trusted and put in an important position.


6th Line

It is dangerous for a dragon to fly too high in the sky.


When one is too arrogant and is in an important position, one just blindly competes to get promotion ignoring others.

It is time to change one’s personality to be low profile.  Otherwise, one will be in danger.

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