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I-Ching-Hexagram Nineteen – Arrival




People of high ranks inspect in person.


Superiors of high ranks visit and inspect subordinates in person and understand the condition of the citizenry.

There will be a disaster in August.

In terms of energy of this hexagram (Arrival), there are 2 yang lines ascending moving in on the yin lines.

This represents when there are the growth of the way to be gentlemen and the reduction of the way to be villains, Superiors of high ranks moving in on subordinates.

After October (Hexagram, Two, Earth), it is the hexagram of growth so yang energy is increasing and yin energy is decreasing.

After November (Hexagram, Twenty Four, Returning), one yang line is coming back and all things take on a new aspect.

In December (Hexagram, Nineteenth, Arrival), yang energy is growing and everyone handles things vigorously.

In January (Hexagram, Eleventh, Prospering), one does so little but earns a lot and the spring comes in full form.

In April (Hexagram, One, Heaven), it is the time of diminishing so yang energy is reducing and yin energy is increasing.

In May (Hexagram, Forty-Four, Copulating), yin energy comes back and it is the time women are in charge of things.


Therefore, after this Hexagram (Arrival), the result of superiors moving in on subordinates is prospering and peaceful (Hexagram Eleven Prospering).


It is Lake (Lower trigram of this hexagram “Arrival”) inside and Earth (Upper trigram of this hexagram “Arrival”) outside.

It implies when superiors are closing in on subordinates, superiors should be happy and communicate with them yieldingly.

Superiors should act in moderation and interact well with subordinates.

In this way, things will go smoothly.


In terms of the sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Arrival) and Hexagram Twenty Beholding follow Hexagram Eighteenth Poison.

This hexagram (Arrival) is paired up with Hexagram Twenty Beholding.

In Hexagram Eighteenth Poison, the country is in straitened circumstance.

National politics is decaying.

The emperor is working vigorously and makes every effort to make the country prosperous.

In this hexagram (Arrival), the emperor visits people to understand the condition of the citizenry and inspects all officers.

In Hexagram Twenty Beholding, it is the time to announce government decree and make it known to the world.


The time of misfortune of this hexagram (Arrival) is in August.

However, in August, it is the time that yang energy is decreasing and yin energy is increasing.

There is a disaster in August warning that yang energy may not sustainable.

This implies it will stop halfway when handling issues.

Or in an organization, the officer will pay attention to things for a short time and attention will be unsustainable.

Therefore, villains will strike back in a short time.



[Summary of Hexagram Nineteenth – Arrival]


The emperor visits people to understand the condition of the citizenry.

It is good fortune.

It is better to be virtuous.

There is a disaster in August.

Although it is the time of the growth of yang energy, yin energy will grow and yang energy will diminish in August.

Villains will be dominant and gentlemen will fail.

Officers will kill the emperor.


It is the sign of warning when there is a disaster in August.

It warns that there is no golden rule to make yang energy increase.

Therefore, it is important to take every precaution at the beginning.

It is better to implement preventive measures when the country is peaceful.

In this way, the country can enjoy a long period of stability.



1st Line

The way a superior visiting people can touch people’s mind.

The superior merely want to associate with people.

He is righteous and he is the right person to visit people.

When it is virtuous, good luck will come.


In this line, the lower trigram of this hexagram (Arrival) is Lake.

In Chinese, “Lake” also means happy.

Therefore, the superior visits people happily.

This visit can touch people’s mind.


2nd Line

The superior senses something so he visits people.

He is vigorous and maintains his principles.

He is doing things in moderation but there is a trend of making progress.

He upholds his principles and will not obey to his superior easily.


This line represents moderation.

It also has a sign of Hexagram Fifty One Thunder.

Thunder means vibration.

Therefore, there is a trend of making progress.

In terms of energy, the yang energy of this line is more vigorous.

Comparing with the yang energy of 2nd line, the yang energy of 1st line is mild whereas the yang energy of 2nd line is moving in on the yin energy which the momentum is quick and forceful.

Therefore, it is good fortune and everything will go smoothly.


3rd Line

One is relaxed when inspecting.

Therefore, it has no long-term benefit to do so.

If one is cautious and worrying, one can avoid faults.


One is saying without actualization.

One is pleasing the people so one is inspecting with the attitude of relaxing.

This standpoint is incorrect and against reasons.

Therefore, good time may not last long.

However, if one can improve and start worrying, one will not have faults.


4th Line


One is working in a position which matches up with one’s identity.

Although the yang energy is getting strong, one has to adapt this situation.

Then, there will be no faults.


5th Line


One has a talent of discovering able people and putting them at suitable posts.

One has a mind as open as a valley accepting other’s expostulations and talented people.

One has a manner of a great king so it is good fortune.


This line is the line of the king who is meek and virtuous.

This line is paired up with the 2nd line of this hexagram (Arrival).

This is a sign of accepting other’s expostulations and talented people.


6th Line


One has a high rank but does not have authority.

However, one is honest and sincere and can get along with others.

Therefore, it is good fortunes and there are no faults.


This line is high position but does not have status.

It is similar to the position of external consultants.


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