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I-Ching-Hexagram Nine – Smallness Tames


This hexagram Nine-Smallness Tames means a small one (i.e. a farmer) controls a big one (i.e.a landlord).

It is like a villain controlling a gentleman and a woman controlling a man.


This hexagram Nine in Chinese is Xiao Chu.

Chu has 3 meanings here.

The first meaning is to keep it grow.

The second meaning is to collect.

Together, it means to gather and aggregate.

The third meaning is to stop which implies there is an obstacle.

That means to prevent from or to keep from.

In this hexagram, the 4th line is a yin line which collects 5 yang lines.

Therefore, it is a small aggregation.

It can also mean one yin line stopping three yang lines raising up.


The upper trigram of this hexagram is wind, meaning entering gradually.

The lower trigram of this hexagram is sky, meaning robustness.

The whole picture of this hexagram is wind blowing above the sky.

Wind is blowing in the sky so clouds in the sky gather at rural area in the west.

Therefore, there are a lot of clouds but it does not rain.

In Yi Ching, it is good fortune to see raining.

Rain means there is no blockage in yin and yang energy representing a result has been finalized.

This symbolizes good fortune.

A cloudy sky without raining means one needs to wait or one has doubt about an event.

This hexagram means there are many clouds but no rain.

It also implies that one has a great anxiety.



It is easier to understand the meaning of the hexagram Nine (Xiao Chu) if comparing it with the hexagram Twenty Six, Great Restraint (Da Chu).

The meaning of “Da Chu” is that a talented person is put into an important position, working outside all the time.

Therefore, there are many obstacles, many things to collect and many things to keep growing.

That is why the hexagram Twenty Six is called Great Restraint (Da Chu).

The hexagram Nine (Xiao Chu) means someone is unoccupied staying at home eating.

Someone is raised by a woman.

There are few obstacles, few things to collect and few things to keep growing.

Therefore, the hexagram Nine is called Smallness Tames (Xiao Chu).


In the upper trigram of hexagram Nine, wind means the order from an emperor.

Wind blowing above the sky instead of on the ground means the order cannot be passing down to the operational level.

Therefore, there are only imagination and advertisements.

The order cannot benefit all people and it is different from the hexagram Twenty, Beholding.

In the hexagram Twenty, Beholding, all people can benefit due to the implementation of the order.


The hexagram Nine, Smallness Tame, comes after the hexagram Seven, Armies and the hexagram Eight, Joining.

The hexagram Nine, Smallness Tame is paired with the hexagram Ten, Walking.

In the hexagram Eight, Joining, a group of people are getting close with a gentleman.

Afterwards, there are problems of keeping and nurturing gentlemen.

This is the same situation as described in the hexagram Nine, Smallness Tame.

In addition, there are problems of keeping etiquette.

This is the same situation as described in the hexagram Ten, Walking.


In general, a questioner who has got this hexagram Nine, Smallness Tame, can carry out a small project but not a big project.

A questioner can go out to travel but not go far away from one’s home.

Things are uncertain so it makes one worry.



 [Summary of Hexagram Nine-Tames]


Everything runs smoothly.

Clouds are moving from the west of the rural area and aggregate.

Clouds are thick but it does not rain.

Doubt in one’s mind is like the thick clouds in the sky.  (One doubts deeply)



1st Line


A gentleman is not kept and raised by a villain.

A gentleman upholds his principles going back to the right path.

There is no fault.  It is the sign of good fortune.

If a gentleman can strictly maintain his principles, how can faults be found?



2nd Line


Gentlemen are holding hands going back to the right path together. 

It is the sign of good fortune.

It means gentlemen are helping and guiding one another.

They are not controlled by villains.

They insist to work out based on their principles.


3rd Line


The yin line of 4th line is above the yang line of 3rd line.

The yang energy is kept and controlled by the yin energy.

It is the sign a husband argues with his wife.

A wife is working outside whereas a husband is staying at home raised by his wife.

This is working against their roles.

A husband will fall out with his wife like a car which wheels drop cannot run.


4th Line


One’s has credibility.

One has bled.

One can get rid of fear.


The 4th line is close to the emperor, therefore, it is thrilling and one will be apprehensive.

If one maintains one’s credibility, fear will be fade away.

Nothing will happen.

One may bleed but it will be alright afterwards.


The 4th line (yin) matches up with the yin line.

If the 4th line (yin) has got a yang line, they go against each other.

One will have accidents and bleed.


This 4th line supports the 5th line so everything will go smoothly.

It also matches up with the yang line of the 1st line.

Therefore, one can be out of fear.



5th Line


One is helped by villains and villains have not created obstacles.

One has credibility and is able to help others.

One has credibility and is able to guide other.

When one has got wealth, one is willing to share with neighbours.

This is the sign of getting triple profits back.


The yang line of the 5th line is located at the dominant position.

This line is supported by the yin line of the 4th line.

Therefore, this helps and guides the yang line of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines.

Finally, neighbors will get rich. 


6th Line


It has rained and the rain has stopped.

The car is ready to pick up passengers.

It is dangerous for wives to carry out divination.

It is about full moon which is a bad sign.

It is not good for gentlemen to go to an expedition.


In this situation, gentlemen are not raised by villains.

It is changing from cloudy to a thunderstorm.

Although a downpour has already been stopped, it may not become sunny.

Therefore, there are worries and it is not good to go to an expedition.


Although the car is ready which means people are ready to go to an expedition, there are worries.

Therefore, it is bad to start going far.

There is a gap between the 4th line and the 6th line, so they doubt each other.

Therefore, it is a bad time for a wife to carrying divination and for a husband to go to an expedition.

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