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I-Ching-Hexagram Fourteen – Great Holdings


Everything is in abundance.

The whole country is wealthy.

It is like a sun shining on the land.


The picture of this hexagram shows strong, energetic, enlightenment and civilization.

In this hexagram (Great Holding), the upper trigram means fire and the lower trigram means sky.

This represents the sun is shining in the sky.

One is strong and energetic inside, and one’s appearance is civilized.

Therefore, a strong, energetic person is able to handle things and a civilized person is wise to see the truths.

The one who has the characters of this hexagram (Great Holdings) will cover up another’s bad deeds and praise one’s virtues.

Therefore, one will be affluent and has many achievements.


In this hexagram (Great Holdings), the yin line of 5th line is posited on an honorable rank due to its’ yieldingness and golden mean.

It leads 5 yang lines and this yin line matches up with 5 yang lines.

Therefore, 5 yang lines love this yin line.


In terms of the sequence of the hexagrams, this Hexagram Thirteenth, Kindred is paired with the Hexagram Fourteenth Great Holdings.

This hexagram (Great Holdings) follows the Hexagram Eleven Prospering and the Hexagram Twelve Clogging.

In the Hexagram Eleven Prospering, the country is peaceful.

In the Hexagram Twelve Clogging, the country is chaotic.

In the Hexagram Thirteenth Kindred, gentlemen compromises with inferiors becoming an alliance.

In this Hexagram (Great Holdings), after the state of compromise, it is in harmony, in abundance and the country is wealthy.


The one who has got this hexagram (Great Holdings), can express one’s wisdom explicitly, break the ice proactively.

One’s fortune is like the sun at the high noon.


 [Summary of Hexagram Fourteenth – Great Holdings]

Great Holdings.



1st Line


When it is the beginning of this hexagram (Great Holdings), there is no interaction with the wealthy master (5th line).

Therefore, it will be attacked by armies.

This will happen not because of one’s faults.

It is caused by the trend of the times.

Because the armies are far away, there is no danger at the moment.

If one can work harder, one will get over it safely.

Then, faults and danger can be avoided.



2nd Line


A huge vehicle can carry many passengers running for a long distance.

There will be no faults.


The characters of this 2nd line are strong, energetic and has golden mean.

This matches up with the character of 5th line.

Therefore, an emperor will assign important tasks to a person who can walk for a long time.

There is a long way to go and one has got an important role.


3rd Line


If one is a gentleman and a generous person, one can see the king and help the king to rule the country.

On the contrary, when one is a villain, one is unable to handle the important tasks and become a victim.

In ancient time, people are classified into gentlemen and inferiors by ranks and roles.

Nowadays, similarly people are classified into supervisors and officers.

Therefore, the one who has got this hexagram (Great Holdings) will have prosperous career of being an officer and will able to finish important tasks.

If the one is working at operational level, one will be unable to carry out important duties.



4th Line

Not showing off and be low profile.


It is the peak of the prosperity and one is adjacent to the centre of authority.

One has much anxiety and has to avoid suspicion all the time.

At this time, one has to realize that a downfall will come after prosperity.

One is adjacent to the king just like staying next to a tiger.

Therefore, one learns to be low profile and protects oneself knowing one’s position very well.

This can avoid danger and faults.



5th Line

One is posited on an honorable rank due to his yieldingness and golden mean.

There is a group of righteous elites coming to help.

Because one is dignified, sincere, opening one’s heart to elites, one is being respected.


This line is the master among all 6 lines implying it is the king of one country.

This king is helped by righteous elites so the country will be prosperous.



6th Line


One is being blessed by god so everything will go smoothly.


5th line is the king and 6th line is the peak of prosperity in this hexagram (Great Holding).

This line is supported by 5th line.

It is like the father of the king.

Therefore, one is more affluent and has good fortune.

Everything will go smoothly.

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