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I-Ching-Hexagram Four - Youth


Childish and Not thoughtful.

Silly and innocent.


Hexagram 4 in Chinese (Meng) means after the primeval state of the universe, everything is blurred.

This represents the stage which a child is innocent.


2 trigrams including mountains (upper trigram) and water (lower trigram) form this hexagram.

It is the scene that a fountain of water is streaming out forming a river.

However, this river does not flow in one direction and there is not enough water (energy) so this river is far away from sea.


This hexagram also means it has to be stopped because of risky.

When energy is insufficient, one is not capable of handling such risks and danger.

It is better to stop and behold.

The best way is to ask masters what to do.


When asking one for help, a questioner should be sincere.

The questioner should avoid asking questions many times without analyzing the issue related to the questions.

If one asks the question for the first time, it will be answered.

However, if one asks the questions for second time and third time, it is blaspheming.

Therefore, there will be no answer.  This is the same for divination or asking someone for advice.


Hexagram 3 Sprouting and Hexagram 4 Youth is a pair of hexagrams.

Hexagram 3 has the meaning of positively facing danger and challenges whereas hexagram 4 implies one faces danger knowing his or her incapability so one stops to go ahead.


 [Summary of Hexagram Four – Youth]

It is not me who asks an innocent child for advice but it is the innocent child who asks me for advice.

In ancient time, it is a questioner finding a divinator but not a divinatory find a questioner for advice.

If one asks the question for the first time, it will be answered.

However, if one asks the questions for second time and third time, it is blaspheming.


1st Line

When the people are silly and innocent, it is better to rule them strictly.

It is better not to be over lenient to breed evil.

Therefore, the innocent people are punished in order to warn others.

If one is too lenient towards criminals and let it go, one will be regretting.


2nd Line

It is better to tolerate and to have the virtue of the golden mean of the Confucian school.

It is better to help others and to inspire others to know their innocence.


The result of divination for asking about marriage is positive.

It is a right time to have daughter in law because there is a son who is good at managing the family.



3rd Line

Greedy for money and being lewd are similar to give loose to lust like a girl who has seen a play boy and run away with him without being his true love.

In this situation, a girl has lost virginity but there will be no long-term benefits at the end.


4th Line

One is silly, innocent and does not have much talent.

Now, one is getting along with villains and does not meeting talented masters to improve oneself.

Therefore, one is confused due to his or her innocence and cannot get out of it.

At the end, there are only hatred and regret.


5th Line

Although you do not have sufficient talent and knowledge, you are utter innocence, pure and natural.

Good luck will be with you all the time.



6th Line


This is the last stage of this hexagram.

One should get out of innocence, not think like an innocent child and being positive.

One should not become a robber, on the contrary, one should eagerly catch robbers.

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