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I-Ching-Hexagram Forty-Three - Decisiveness


This hexagram (Decisiveness) in Chinese is Guai.

In summary, this hexagram (Decisiveness) has the meanings of to decide, to judge, spill-over.

Yang judges and executes Yin so grace spills over the world.


Guai means to judge.

In this hexagram (Decisiveness), it means judging Yang and Yin and drawing the line between gentlemen and villains.


There are two levels of meanings of this hexagram (Decisiveness).

The first level of meaning is 5 Yang lines judge 1 Yin line.

The second level of meaning is grace is coming from heaven and benefiting earth.

Grace spills over like pouring water over land.

This implies gentlemen do not claim their merits but dedicate their wealth to those whom are more inferior.


As a whole, this hexagram (Decisiveness) shows 1 Yin line overrides 5 Yang lines.

In I-Ching, it is a situation of resistance when Yin overrides Yang.

When 1 Yin overrides 5 Yang, the force of resistance is very strong.

In term of energy, 5 Yang lines draw a line with 1 Yin line which is being executed by 5 Yang line.

This indomitable Yin line overrides 5 Yang lines.

When the Yin line of 6th line of this hexagram (Decisiveness) comes back to the ground, it becomes 1st line of Hexagram Forty-Four Copulating.

Once this yin line comes back as 1st line of Hexagram Forty-Four Copulating, it will control and dominate like a queen of a country.


In terms of energy,

in October (Hexagram Two Earth), Yang energy will grow after the golden age of Yin energy.

In November (Hexagram Twenty-Four, Returning), Yang energy starts growing as a fresh start.

In December (Hexagram Nineteen, Arrival), the amount of Yang energy is almost as much as Yin energy.

In January (Hexagram Eleven, Prospering), the amount of Yang energy is the same as Yin energy and everything is in harmony.

In February (Hexagram Thirty-Four, Great Vigor), the amount of Yang energy is more than Yin energy.

In March (this hexagram, Decisiveness), Yang energy is executing Yin energy.

In April (Hexagram One Heaven), there is full of Yang energy.


Based on trigrams of this hexagram (Decisiveness), it is vigorous inside and happiness outside.

This represents that one can judge vigorously but expresses harmonically.

In this way, one can solve problems in harmony.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Decisiveness) follows Hexagram Forty-Two Increase.

When something is increasing, it spills over at the end.

This represents it is the right time to help others after gentlemen have been working hard obtaining achievements.


In terms of fortune, this hexagram (Decisiveness) implies there is a hidden risk in a human relationship.

Or it is the time for someone to judge and decide what to do especially to make one’s choice in a relationship.

One has to draw a line.

The best strategy in the situation of this hexagram (Decisiveness) is one is being resolute and vigorous in mind but expresses harmonically.

Therefore, one attains win-win situation and obtain long-term benefits.



[Summary of Hexagram Forty-Three – Decisiveness]


One executes villains in the imperial hall attracting too much attention.

Therefore, one is in danger even though one calls the people sincerely.

One shall manage his citizens through warnings but not by force.

In this way, one will obtain long-term benefits.


It may be dangerous if one strongly execute villains.

One should not handle this case by force.

One shall handle it gently so one will obtain long-term benefits.


1st Line


Momentum comes from toes of a foot.

If one goes to handle something with this momentum, one is unable to tackle it.

That is a fault.


This means one is vigorous to handle something but one has an inferior position and is too weak for others to depend on.

Therefore, one is unable to tackle it even though one is willing to go.

If one goes, one will be hurt.


2nd Line


Warning loudly with anxiety.

Be careful. Attacking at night.

Do not worry.


This means, soldiers may come to attack at night.

If one has prepared for it, one shall not worry.


3rd Line


Imposing manners are expressed on one’s cheek.


Gentlemen doubt and worry and make decision independently.

Their bodies get wet because of heavy downpours.

They are angry but there is no fault.


The essence of this hexagram (Decisiveness) is to be firm in mind but to express harmonically when handling issues.

In this line, villains express their imposing manners on this faces to threaten others.

This causes misfortune.

A person as a gentleman is worrying so one contemplates several times.

Although one still doubts but it has been settled.

One embarrasses during the whole process but one can avoid faults.



4th Line

Because one’s hip injures, the hip has lost its skin.

Therefore, one cannot stand or sit properly.

It is difficult to walk.

If a goat was tied and pull along very well, it would not have rushed causing damages and crises.


Because one does not listen to others’ warnings, one has created damages and crises.



5th Line

Rooting purslanes up again and again.

Act moderately and there will be no fault.


When we cut grasses, we need to cut from their roots.

Therefore, grasses will not grow again.

If one makes decisions selfishly, one will lose courage to judge.

Then, one cannot handle it frankly and righteously.

If one is moderate, things will be tackled perfectly.



6th Line

Unable to cry out for help.



One has a position without authority.

Therefore, no one comes to help even though one is crying out for help every day.

Finally, one will be executed.




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