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I-Ching-Hexagram Forty-Six - Rising


Rising up.

Crawling from low to high.

Growing gradually.


The picture of this hexagram (Rising) is that wood is growing from inside soil.

It will grow above the land.

Wood absorbs nutrients from soil and grows up to become a big tree.

Therefore, the name of this hexagram is Rising.

This meaning has been developed into growing up.

In this hexagram (Rising), its lower trigram has the meaning of progressing gradually.

This shows it is a gradual growing of speed and procedure.

It is not a big jump of growing.


This hexagram (Rising) follows Hexagram Forty-Five Collecting.

The trigrams of this hexagram (Rising) and Hexagram Forty-Five Collecting are totally opposite.


The main focus of this hexagram (Rising) is not only on rising but the results after rising and gathering.

It is rising and accumulating.

It is similar to the growth of trees.

It does not grow up and become a big tree in one night.


In terms of fortune of this hexagram (Rising), growing up is a good sign.

Therefore, it represents good fortune.

However, there is another way to explain this hexagram (Rising).

It rises through the assistance of other people.

For example, in one’s career, it is about helped and guided by a superior.

In love affairs, dating a potential partner is relied on an elderly matchmaker.

In studying, it is about being guided by teachers.


The questioner who has got this hexagram (Rising) has the answer of working out the things smoothly.

If a superior has put one into an important position or has recommended one, it works out faster.

One does not need to worry.

One can be determinant and walk towards south to war.  Good fortune.

One can go to meet an influential person.



[Summary of Hexagram Forty-Six – Rising]


Originally, everything goes smoothly.

One can go to meet a person of a high position.

Don’t worry.

If one goes bravely, it will be solved.

One should find an influential person to help.



1st Line

One has the same ambition as a powerful minister who trusts you.

One is promoted as one is recommended by a powerful minister.

Good fortune.


In this line, the meaning of rising comes from the lower trigram of this hexagram (Rising).

The wood grows up from inside the soil and to outside the soil.

This line is a master of all lines in the hexagram (Rising).

Original, it is growing upward.

As this line is very humble (Yin line) and is not in a right position (Yin line is located in a Yang position).

It is difficult to rise.

This line matches up with 2nd line of this hexagram (Rising) and Yang line of the 2nd line supports the Yin line of this line.

Therefore, this line rises when it is recommended by the 2nd line.



2nd Line

One is humble and sincere.

One can carry out a simple sacrificial rite.

Good fortune.


One’s superior is touched by one’s sincerity.

If one is sincere, a simple sacrificial rite and offerings can connect one with gods.

Therefore, one will be protected.

This line represents a joyful occasion.


This line is not located in a right position.

However, this line is located in the middle of the lower trigram of this hexagram (Rising).

This line also matches up with 5th line of this hexagram (Rising).

It should be good fortune but it is not.  Why?


This hexagram (Rising) is good fortune because one is helped by a stronger person.

This line is vigorous (it is Yang line) and can help others to rise.

However, no one can help this line.

Therefore, this line has no fault.

1st line of this hexagram (Rising) is adjacent to this line so this line helps the 1st line to rise.

5th line of this hexagram (Rising) is meek and respectful matching up with this line.

Therefore, the 5th line is helped by this line.

Hence, it is good fortune for the 1st line and the 5th line but it is no fault for this line.



3rd Line

Entering an empty city and no one lives in the city.

No one can stop you.


The upper trigram of this hexagram (Rising) is Earth representing land and cities.

This line is the top line of the lower trigram of this hexagram (Rising).

Therefore, it enters the city directly.

This line also matches up with 6th line of this hexagram (Rising).

Therefore, it does not have obstacles to enter.

It is a sign of obtaining land.


4th Line

It is like King Wen of Zhou State who got things done smoothly in Mountain Xi.

Because one can go with the flow and accept all people, one has got good fortune.

No fault.


King Wen of Zhou State got things done smoothly in Mountain Chi.

Good fortune.

No fault.


This line is located in a yin position so it is in a right position.

There are 3 lines which under this line want to promote.

5th line of this hexagram (Rising) which is above this line is a meek emperor.

This line is also meek and virtuous.

Therefore, they accept each other.

It is similar to King Wen of Zhou State who went with the flow and accepted others.

Therefore, he had good fortune.



5th Line

It is good fortune to be loyal and righteous.

One is rising step by step.


This line is a meek emperor and matches up with 2nd line of this hexagram.

The emperor is supported and helped by his ministers.

Therefore, ministers are promoted.

They bring out the best in one another.

One will be promoted easily and quickly.



6th Line


This is the peak of rising.

One persists to rise and walks the path of righteousness.


The worst case is that one is giddy when one has power and authority.

One indulges in wealth and luxurious life and cannot detach.


This line is the peak of this hexagram (Rising).

There is no way to promote further.

On the other hand, this line matches up with 3rd line of this hexagram (Rising).

This line still has energy to rise.

To persist is good if one insists to do good deeds.

To persist is bad if one insists to do evil things.


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