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I-Ching-Hexagram Forty - Releasing


To remove danger.

To get rid of danger.

Danger dissipates.


This hexagram (Releasing) is Xie in Chinese meaning to remove or disengagement.

In this hexagram (Releasing), its upper trigram is Thunder and it lower trigram is Water.

A person in the center of a crisis but one is proactive externally.

Although there is danger, one is proactive and can get rid of danger.

Let danger dissipates.


This hexagram (Releasing) is about one who is proactive and can turn peril into safety.

One faces all problems positively and danger will dissipate.


Punishment can be removed.

The questioner who has got this hexagram will be forgiven if one has made a mistake.


The best direction is South West.

Going towards the direction of South West and one will meet a high ranking government official.

One will be helped or supported.


This hexagram (Releasing) follows Hexagram Thirty Nine Hindered.

Hexagram Thirty Nine Hindered is about danger and difficulty.

This hexagram (Releasing) is about to remove.

The trigrams of this hexagram (Releasing) and Hexagram Thirty Nine Hindered are totally opposite.

They represent two types of danger.

In Hexagram Thirty Nine Hindered, one is wise having foresight.

He knows there is danger ahead so he stops going forward.

In this hexagram (Releasing), one is the brave.

When danger has come, one is not afraid and does not flee.

One will solve the problems positively.


It is better to be positive and proactive.

Generally, it is about solving all problems at once without any delay.

If there is no place to go, one is better going back quickly. Good fortune.

If there is any place one wants to go, go as quick as possible and as early as possible.

The earlier one goes, the more good fortune one will be.



[Summary of Hexagram Forty – Releasing]


Danger is removed.

It is better to go to the direction of South West.

If there is no place to go, one goes back and good fortune will come.

If there is any place one wants to go, it will be good fortune to go there earlier.


1st Line

It is just out of danger.

Therefore, there is no fault.

It is better to be serene, to rest and build up strength.

In future, proper and suitable events will come.


This line supports 2nd line of this hexagram (Releasing).

Externally, this line matches up with 4th line of this hexagram (Releasing).

The 4th line is the master of Thunder.

This line is the master of settling all crises.

Therefore, it can help yang lines of 2nd line and 4th line of this hexagram (Releasing).



2nd Line

Hunting three cunning foxes.

Obtaining a yellow bow and a yellow arrow.

This implies one can remove evil villains and being moderate.

Good fortune.

It is the sign of obtaining benefits.


Obtaining 3 foxes in a field.

Hunting and catching 3 foxes.

Hunting in a field.

Foxes are cunning animals which are difficult to be caught.

This implies cunning villains.

Hunting and catching 3 foxes in a field indicates handling difficult people.


Obtaining a yellow arrow.

Yellow is a colour of middle implying moderation.

Because this line is the middle line of the lower trigram of this hexagram (Releasing), it represents the virtue of moderation.

An arrowhead which is made of firm metal is the head of an arrow.

It flies straightly.

It implies a straight and frank person.

This line is Yang.

It is the virtue of vigor and straightness.



3rd Line

A villain carries valuable properties and travels by a gentleman’s car.

He swaggers through the streets so he attracts thieves to snatch.

One will regret if one is being stubborn and conservative.


One carries valuable properties and travels by a car.

This line carries 4th line and travels by 2nd line in this hexagram (Releasing).

In terms of the meaning of the word, carrying means carrying goods.

This is the task of villains.

Travel means travel by cars.

Cars are vehicles which are the tools of gentlemen.

This is only possessed by great people.

Inferiors who carry goods travelling by the cars of great people.

This makes others think the goods are very precious triggering others to snatch.

This is the only reason why thieves come to snatch the goods.



4th Line

Helping your toes – things are going too far.

Friends come and finally one is being trusted.


This means the issues which need to be solved are trivial and unrelated.

A patient has not yet prescribed right medicine.

It does not help to solve the issues.


This line is Yang line located in a Yin position.

It is inappropriate.

One is a minister who is capable to solve problems and does not have authority.

This line is helping 1st line of this hexagram (Releasing).

1st line is not located at appropriate position because it is a Yin line located in a Yang position.

It is the tip of a branch unrelated to the issue.

When friends come, the issue is confirmed and one is being trusted.



5th Line

A gentleman who is being tied up is helped.

Good fortune.

Villains are punished.

Gentlemen turn peril into safety.

Villains are punished.



6th Line

A member of a royal family which is a gentleman carries a bow wherever he goes to wait for the right time to hunt.

He stands on the top of a high wall and shoots a bird by the bow and the arrow.

A bird is shot.

One has prepared all the time and be open.

Therefore, one will achieve when the right time has come suddenly.

Everything will go smoothly.



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