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I-Ching-Hexagram Forty-Four - Copulating



To meet someone unexpectedly.

Women are dominant.


The meaning of this hexagram (Copulating) is to meet.

A woman meets 5 men.

This woman is violent and not loyal.

This relationship is not lasting.

Therefore, one must not marry this woman because this marriage will not be lasting.


This hexagram (Copulating) also has the meaning that women are dominant.

In terms of energy,

in March (Hexagram Forty-Three, Decisiveness), Yin energy will be eliminated as 5 Yang lines execute 1 Yin line.

In April, the last Yin line is executed so it becomes full of Yang energy (Hexagram One, Heaven).

In May (this hexagram, copulating), Yin energy starts growing.

This Yin energy starts at 1st line of this hexagram (Copulating) supporting 5 Yang lines.

This shows this Yin line is violent and strong so it is called strong women.


In this hexagram (Copulating), its upper trigram is Heaven and its lower trigram is Wind.

It shows it is breezing in the sky meaning it prevails in the world.

It is a sign of a queen mandating a country.


The meaning of this hexagram (Copulating) is opposite to Hexagram Forty-Three Decisiveness.

This hexagram (Copulating) follows Hexagram Forty-Three Decisiveness.

In Hexagram Forty-Three Decisiveness, 5 Yang lines draw a line and execute 1 Yin line.

In this hexagram (Copulating), 1 Yin line meets 5 Yang lines again.

It is unification after prolonged division.

If one asks questions of love affairs, this hexagram (Copulating) states it is a short meeting.

The relationship is not lasting because a woman is too dominant or seeing many men at the same time.

If one asks things other than love affairs, this hexagram (Copulating) means a female is in charge.



[Summary of Hexagram Forty-Four – Copulating]

Meeting a woman occasionally.

A strong and violent woman.

Cannot marry her.

Because it is a short meeting with a woman occasionally, it is not lasting.

Therefore, one cannot marry her.


1st Line

Stop the cart and tie it up with the metal tool which stops carts.

It is better to wait silently.

If one goes out, it is similar to a weak and impatient pig bouncing rashly.




2nd Line

There is a fish in a kitchen but the fish belongs to someone else.

There is no fault but it is better not to ask guests to feast on it.



3rd Line

One’s hip is injured so the hip does not have skin.

Therefore, the injured person cannot stand or sit properly.

He walks with difficulty.

It is dangerous but there is no fault.



4th Line

There is no fish in a kitchen.

Therefore, one goes to war.



Fishes live in water and they belong to Yin energy implying Yin line of 1st line of this hexagram (Copulating).

In this hexagram (Copulating), 1st line supports 2nd line.

The 2nd line says there is a fish in a kitchen.

The 2nd line has collected the fish because in advance, the 2nd line meets the 1st line which is living next to the 2nd line.

In this hexagram (Copulating), this line matches up with 1st line internally and externally.

However, this line has not got a fish but it has occupied 1st line.

If this line goes to war for a fish, it is misfortune.

This is misfortune because this line goes against the will of people.



5th Line

There is fertile land planting calabashes which are inedible.

Gentlemen have hidden their virtue of moderation which is not yet understood by others but their ambition does not change.

This implies gentlemen have not yet met wise and able emperors but their ambition is firm.

They will not give up their ideals.



6th Line

It is the peak of this hexagram (Copulating).

There is no one to meet.

One is only meeting harmful and sharp horns* so there is no way to go forward and to meet others.

Regret but no fault.


*Meeting harmful and sharp horns implies one has not found a job but encounters much trouble.


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