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I-Ching-Hexagram Forty-Five - Collecting


This hexagram (Collecting) has the meaning of to congregate.

Everything is thriving.  Rivers and lakes are moisturizing the world.


This hexagram (Collecting) is Cui in Chinese.

Cui describes exuberant glasses implying something is thriving.

In I-Ching, Cui has the meaning of congregating.

This describes everything is thriving and gathering together.


In this hexagram (Collecting), its lower trigram is Earth and its upper trigram is Lake.

It represents a lake is on the ground moisturizing the world.

Therefore, everything is growing and thriving.

It is meek internally and joyful externally.

In this hexagram (Collecting), its 5th line matches up with 2nd line.

Therefore, this hexagram (Collecting) has the meaning of congregating.


In terms of sequence of hexagrams, this hexagram (Collecting) follows Hexagram Forty-Four Copulating.

In Hexagram Forty-Four Copulating, Yin energy meets Yang energy.

In this hexagram (Collecting), when things meet for a long time, they will be gathering.


The questioner who has got this hexagram (Collecting) will have a smooth relationship with people and everything will go smoothly.

It is better to gather people to discuss strategies.

One can ask to meet ethical and respectful people.

Everything can run ceremoniously and royally.

It is better not to be mean and frugal.

It is good to travel far away from home.

It is unsuitable to retreat and stand on the defensive.


When a group of people gather together, they hide their weapons and are on the alert of accidents.



[Summary of Hexagram Forty-Five – Collecting]


Everything goes smoothly.

An emperor is great and has his ancestral temple.

It is better to meet someone who is in high position.

It will go smoothly.

It is better to persist one’s righteousness and using sacrifices of animals (it means carrying out an event ceremoniously and royally).

Good fortune.

It is better to travel far away from home.



1st Line


One cannot keep his principles.

Therefore, his credibility does not last.

When one is confused, one blindly joins a gathering.

One can ask for help in a gathering so everyone is sneering at his request.

One should never mind about sneering and go to attend the gathering.

No fault.


It explains that initially one cannot keep his promise so one is confused.

He does not know why he should join a gathering.

Gradually, one is not afraid of making mistakes and being sneered by others.

If one is bravely asking a gentleman to help, there is no fault.



2nd Line

One is guided and helped by a superior.

Good fortune. No fault.


One who is sincere can carry out simple sacrificial rites to pray for blessings.

Although it is a simple sacrificial rite, a sincere person can connect with god.



3rd Line


One meets other people but sighs.

Everything does not go smoothly.

One joins a gathering.

There is no fault but one has regrets.


It is not a positive meeting.

One can only meet villains.

One has no way to react with gentlemen and emperors so one cannot meet them.

Therefore, one sighs and worries.

If one goes and acts yieldingly, one can avoid faults.


4th Line


This line is adjacent to the emperor of 5th line of this hexagram (Collecting).

The emperor is going to meet people who give in their submission.

Therefore, one has a chance to meet people who have authority and high positions.

One does not need to think about how to do it.

Good fortune.



5th Line


Although one is working in a high position, there are courtiers who diffuse authority.

Therefore, one cannot actualize one’s ambitions.

At this moment, one should insist one’s standpoints so that one will not regret.



6th Line

Heartbroken and sigh mournfully.

Cry bitterly with a runny nose.

There is no fault.


This is the top line of this hexagram (Collecting).

One is standing at the top of a mountain.

People standing nearby you do not help you.

One shouts loudly to ask for help but people who are far away do not response.


One walks downhill and begs for meeting people but no one agrees to meet you.

Therefore, one is heartbroken and sigh mournfully crying bitterly with a runny nose.

If one reviews and rectifies one’s mistakes, one can avoid faults.


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