I-Ching Hexagram Forty-Eight, Well

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I-Ching-Hexagram Forty-Eight - Well


A well.

An underground spring water.

Spring water nurtures human beings.

It is valuable to keep our mind pure.

The images of this hexagram (Well) is that Wood is placed into Water and taken out of Water.

Therefore, water is penetrated into a piece of wood.

It is like a wooden bucket which has absorbed water.

The penetration of water into a piece of wood implies that risks will be reduced gradually.

As one learns how to reduce risks, skills of risk reduction will be increased gradually.

In this case, it is risky but risks will be eliminated


This hexagram (Well) describes the procedure of repairing a damaged and old well so that people can obtain water from it.

It implies how a person to refine oneself so this person is loved by others.


A well is fixed at a location.

Once its quality of water is downgraded or its water is exhausted, everyone will leave this well and will not come back again.

If the damaged well is fixed and its quality of water is improved, everyone will come to drink the water of the well.

This implies a gentleman must nurture his capabilities and temperament.

And then, he will be naturally admired by others.


This hexagram (Well) follows Hexagram Forty-Seven Distress.

Their trigrams are totally opposite.

Hexagram Forty-Seven Distress states a person has been promoted to the top of an organization and there is no way to be promoted further.

This hexagram (Well) states the foundation of promotion is self-cultivation.


The questioner who has got this hexagram (Well) shall actualize the following points:

1.     Nurturing his capabilities

2.     Helping others secretly.

3.     Keeping something for a rainy day (prepare for the worst situation).

When a person has got enough capabilities and merits, things will be accomplished at the right time.

If one is looking for a short cut to achieve a project, it cannot be accomplished.

This triggers misfortune.




[Summary of Hexagram Forty-Eight – Well]


A group of people can move to other place but we cannot move a well.

The supply of its water is unlimited.

Its water will not be exhausted when water is taken away.

Its water will not be increased when no one takes its water.

Therefore, everyone comes to take water from this well.

However, now, the well is exhausted and no one comes to repair.

On top of that, the water tank which stores the water of the well is broken.

Disasters will come.



1st Line

It is full of mud at the bottom of the well.

Therefore, the water of the well is dirty and is not drinkable.

A damaged well is exhausted so no animals come to drink water.

The well is not used for a long time so the bottom of the well is muddy.

Therefore, the water is dirty.



2nd Line

The spring water of the well should gush out to supply water for people.

However, the well is damaged and is not yet repaired.

The amount of water is bare enough to feed small fishes but its water is insufficient for people to drink.

The jar used to contain water of the well is broken so people cannot collect water.



3rd Line


The well gushes out drinkable spring water.

However, the well was damaged in past so people do not accept to drink the water of this well.

Only some people who are wise accept to drink the water.


This implies a person who meets a wise superior will be put into an important position.



4th Line

Although the spring water of the well gushes out but the structure of the well has to be improved.

Stacking bricks outside the wall of the well will not only decorating the well but also keep the well firm.

Now, bricks are being built outside the wall of the well.

No faults.


5th Line


The quality of water in the well is very good so everyone likes to drink the water.

This represents your request can be accepted.



6th Line

The well is repaired.

Therefore, the well should not be covered and hidden.

The well should open to public and let everyone drink its water.

This implies it is a right time for a capable gentleman to open himself and benefits others.


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