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I-Ching-Hexagram Fifty Six – Traveler


Traveling around.

Losing residences.

Living far away from resident countries.


In I-Ching, this hexagram (Traveler) in Chinese Lu means losing residences.

This hexagram (Traveler) follows Hexagram Fifty Five Plentiful.

In Hexagram Fifty Five Plentiful, it shows the premonition of losing residence of this hexagram (Traveler).

In Hexagram Fifty Five Plentiful, it states one firstly is wealthy and buys a luxurious house.

However, one is isolated from the outside world.

Therefore, it is a sign of losing residences.


The trigrams of Hexagram Fifty Five Plentiful and this hexagram (Traveler) are opposite.

In Hexagram Fifty Five Plentiful, one is plentiful so there are many issues.

In hexagram (Traveler), one does not have relatives and friends living around when one is traveling.

One is not familiar with the country, the places and the people.

Therefore, one can achieve small projects but not big projects.


This hexagram (Traveler) is a stoppage internally and bright externally.

This means one can avoid harmful events if one is cautious (does not act rashly), wise and acts according to the situations (without delay).

In this situation, this hexagram (Traveler) is a good hexagram.


If a questioner has got this hexagram (Traveler), it implies it is unstable, the conditions and situations are unfavourable.

Therefore, small projects can be achieved but big projects cannot be achieved.

It is better to be quiet, observe and not to take actions.



[Summary of Hexagram Fifty Six – Traveler]


Lu (Chinese of this hexagram, Traveler).

Small projects can be achieved.


It is good fortune to keep righteous.


A gentleman is wise and cautious to decide which methods will be used.

Once a method is used, it will be used at the right time.


1st Line


When one is traveling, one haggles over every ounce with others.

Therefore, these bring in disasters.


When traveling, one is mean and haggles over every ounce with other people bringing in disasters.

Poverty chills ambition.

Therefore, one becomes narrow-minded and superficial.


2nd Line


One has found a place where providing temporary residential service when one is traveling.

One’s valuable property is hidden very well.

One has got a reliable servant.




3rd Line


The place providing temporary residential service is destroyed by fire.

There may be a risk of losing valuable property.

Because one is self-willed, his servant has left.

If one is too persistent, one will be in danger.


When one is traveling, one shall be low-profile and humble.

In this line, one is too self-willed and arrogant, so it is rational to lose the residential place and the servant.



4th Line


One has found a place to rest while traveling.

One has got some valuables and a shape axe to protect oneself.

However, one does not have a safe residential place to live.

Previously, one entrusted a not reliable person.

Therefore, one is unhappy.


This line implies this place brings in troubles and worries.

This line is not located at the right position as it is a Yang line situated at a Yin position.




5th Line


One shoots a pheasant but it fled and disappeared.

Therefore, one has lost an arrow.

Although one has an arrow and has not got a pheasant, one has got an order of obtaining reward.


This implies one has not lost so many things, but one has got a high reputation.



6th Line


The nest of a bird is destroyed by fire.

The traveler is laughing firstly and crying secondly.

One has lost a cow in a country called “You Yi”.



This implies, one has got favourable standard of living so one laughs.

However, one will be killed in a disaster so one cries.

It is similar to what happened on local people living in a country “You Yi” in ancient time.


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