I-Ching Hexagram Fifty Seven, Wind

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I-Ching-Hexagram Fifty Seven – Wind


Get into.

Progress yieldingly.

Progress gradually.

Repeatedly proposing orders.


In this hexagram (Wind), both upper and lower trigrams are Wind.

The trigram Wind can also means Wood and Order.

In terms of feudal ethics, this hexagram (Wind) represents Oldest daughter because it has the meaning of having the first child who is a girl.

This hexagram (Wind) also has the meanings of penetrating gradually and prevailing.


In this hexagram (Wind), Yang lines are on the top of Yin lines.

Both trigrams of this hexagram (Wind) are Wind so the nature of this hexagram (Wind) is meek and it is blowing like wind penetrating everything like popular trends.

This is also similar to orders of emperors.


In Hexagram Fifty Six Traveler, one travels and does not have a place to live.

This traveler has no one to help so he has to be meek and penetrate into a society to get things done smoothly.

Therefore, this hexagram (Wind) follows Hexagram Fifty Six Traveler.


A questioner who has got this hexagram can achieve small projects but not big projects.

It is better to search and follow a sainted person so one will become outstanding gradually.

When one implements something, one has to remind others many times patiently.

If a questioner asks the popularity of a culture, it is positive.

If one asks the gender of an embryo, it is a baby girl.

If one asks the trend of business and fortune, the profits are threefold.



[Summary of Hexagram Fifty Seven – Wind]


Sun (Chinese of this hexagram, Wind).

Small projects can be achieved.

It is better to go.

It is better to see a person of a higher social rank.


In this hexagram (Wind), there is a sign of repeatedly proposing orders.

A project can be achieved because the middle lines of both trigrams of this hexagram (Wind) are Yang lines.

Two Yang lines are on top of 1st line and 4th line of this hexagram (Wind) so it is slightly smooth.


1st Line


Unfirm will.



On the contrary, it is beneficial for soldiers and warriors because they have firm will and go forward bravely


In this hexagram (Wind), retreating and advancing are the signs of unfirm will and hestiation.

This impiles insufficient Yang energy and sufficient Yin energy.

Vigorous people such as soldiers and warriors are fortitudinous and decisive so they do not have a weakness of hesitation.

Therefore, it is good.


2nd Line


One is humble worshipping on bended knees in front of a bed.

It is like a latromantis praying again and again.

Therefore, one has got a message through telepathy because one is humble and sincere.

There is no fault.



3rd Line


One has a small ambition so one worries.

The ambition is difficult to be actualized.

However, one is impatient so one worries.




4th Line


One’s anxiety has gone.

This is the sign of obtaining much prey by hunting.

Therefore, dreams come true.

One will get what one desires to.

One will be successful.

If one asks for wealth, one will get much wealth.



5th Line


When one persists in his principles, one can stay away from obstacles.

Good fortune.


One shall be prudential when one is changing orders.

Preparation and trials must be carried out before the implementation of new orders.

After the orders has been implemented for 3 days, one shall insist to follow up and check the situation.



6th Line


One is humble worshipping on bended knees in front of a bed.

However, one has lost one’s property and power.


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